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New dashboard

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by micjo01 Frequent Visitor on ‎12-13-2016 12:44 AM



SynaptiQ is a Photovoltaics monitoring software and we are working on the Power BI solution to provide to our clients a new way for them to access their data and create new user-friendly dashboards.

For this, we need datasets that are refreshed automatically and daily. As the free version account doesn’t include the gateway + automatic refresh, we made a workaround and used Excel file in OneDrive that hosted the SQL queries that we wanted.


However, this solution was not really convenient because we couldn’t create groups to separate clients, we couldn’t use the PowerBI desktop to have standard Dashboard to share to different clients easily and we couldn’t change the dataset without deleting it on PowerBI services and putting it back with the new SQL queries in the Excel file.


We decided thus to sign up for the PRO version (account is to have access to the group feature and the gateway + automatic refresh. 


Unfortunately, when we create a dashboard and we want to share it to some client with free PowerBI account, we cannot… Because we use PowerBI Pro features.


So now the question is: what can we do to provide to the client (that has a Free PowerBI account) a standard dashboard template designed in PowerBI Desktop?


We see a real interest from dozens of clients wanting a BI solution for their data and this would be a good first impression if we could provide to them a simple standard dashboard for free.


Thanks for your help.


Kind regards,

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There is a wrong tooltip translation on Visualizations pane in Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service.

“형식”(Format) tooltip text should be “서식”.



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The Credentials stored in The cloud

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by thomaskelly Regular Visitor on ‎12-13-2016 03:33 AM

I Have a dashboard that under gateway connection is using the (power Bi - personal) data gateway there is no data source connections listed when i use the drop down menu, but the report and dashboard are set to refresh every evening and do so with no issues.

I have uploaded a new dashboard that uses the same data sources, but every time i try to refresh I get the message below. I am also a power Bi Pro user and every time I try to log a tick I am getting a bad request error message.


Something went wrong.
There was an error when processing the data in the dataset.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.

Data source type
Processing errorThe credential stored in the cloud is missing.
Activity ID5f059a0c-dabb-4e8c-b498-b9beaaed25fa
Request ID0c3b679a-7943-8e91-7cad-4f9dd751c426
Time2016-12-13 11:00:58Z

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I have setup a scheduled refresh (once every 3 hours) for a Excel document stored on my OneDrive for Business.  Each time a scheduled time is reached a number of additional On Demand refreshes occur.  How to I prevent or stop this from happening.  It's a waste of computing resources!

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My dataset schedule refresh failed

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by WeeraS Frequent Visitor on ‎12-12-2016 03:21 PM

Hi all,


I have 6 datasets in my powerBi service. I have set up auto refresh of all thesedatasets via a personal gateway. Recently I notice that some of my datasets not refreshed as scheduled. Those dataset are quite big reports( 0.6 GB , 0.5GB and 0.38 GB) and small reports refresh without any problem. These datasets don't refresh at same time  i have spread them to give enough time gap for refresh each dataset assuming that if all reshresh same time could coulf heavy data traffics. I checked my gate way is alway online and activated. I have upgraded gateway and poweBI desktop to see whether that would fix the problem. But datasets refresh still fails.

Error message I get was,Capture111.JPG


This is really headache for me. Please can anyone help me to get rip of this issue



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I am hoping you can help me resolve an issue I have noticed today.  I am using a guage which measures volume until yesterday Vs an expected forecast until yesterday (Target = CALCULATE(sum(Forecast[Forecast]),Forecast[date]<Today()) .  The desktop is updating ok with revised target updated as day of month progresses.  But when i publish, it continues showing the day before yesterdays target on dashboard (instead of yesterdays as it shows on desktop). If I change the target formulae to include today (<=Today()) and then although it shows 1 day extra target on power BI desktop, but shows correct on published dashboard as (< Today()).

How can I fix this? Thanks for your assistance.




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Couldn't create the group in power bi

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by dkalluraya New Member on ‎12-12-2016 12:24 PM

I am getting following error when I am trying to create an Power BI Group. I am certainly a PRO user. So, that's not the issue.


Couldn't create the group
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity ID1a358ef5-a76d-c828-0604-47365dca28aa
Request IDc76ff99a-4e2c-80a8-1842-6d65c00a4c27
Correlation IDe622f96b-77f3-dbc4-5b4f-68b804d32f87
Status code400
TimeMon Dec 12 2016 15:21:57 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)


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slicer end date not matching data in visuals

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by ColinE711 Occasional Visitor on ‎12-12-2016 11:36 AM

I am using a slicer to filter a single visual on a page.  However, the data that is brought back include the day following the end of the slicer.  For example, I enter slicer dates that are between two days (i.e. 9/28/2015 and 12/21/2015).  However, the data in the visualization brings back date from 9/28/2015 - 12/22/2015.  I am seeing this across a number of my reports.

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I really like the Timeline visual, but it doesn't seem to support the timeline granulaity option where you could set it to just Year or Quarter, etc... and it would stay locked to JUST Year (or quarter or month etc...)


Some of the reports need to be YEAR only for various reasons, but I don't have a way to support that with this tool.


Any word on if that feature will come back?



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Dashboard Tiles Not Refreshing

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by cproloff Frequent Visitor on ‎12-12-2016 06:24 AM

Dashboard tiles have not been refreshing automatically since Thursday or Friday of last week. I have had to go in a manually click the 'Refresh Dashboard Tiles' option in order to pull in new data. The underlying reports are updated, but the dashboards aren't. I am using the data gateway with a connection to an on premise SSAS tabular model. 


Anyone else having this issue? Also, this made me think of another question. If I am the dashboard owner, and I click the 'Refresh Dashboard Tiles' option, does that update the dashboard for everyone I have shared it with? Or is this a user by user refresh?





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Power BI marketing email - Gartner report

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by Lalo_ATX Frequent Visitor on ‎12-12-2016 07:10 AM

I got a marketing email from Power BI on Saturday, opened it this morning. It offered access to a Gartner report. But when I click on the link in the email, I get "CONTENT EXPIRED / Access to this content has now expired."


Seems pretty quick – less than 47 hours to access the report? Is this a bug or a feature?


There doesn't seem to be any direct way to provide feedback to the marketing folks about this issue. Replying to the email of course gives a sort of a bounce message.


I don't believe this forum is the optimal way to raise the issue, but I've no clue where else to go.

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There are incorrect translations in the Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service.

"최솟값" and "최댓값" should be "최소값" and "최대값".

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Text Box Scroll Bars

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by Spidey Frequent Visitor on ‎12-11-2016 11:05 PM

Maybe it's just me...and I may possibly have imagined that this functionality previously existed...but were scroll bars previously part of a text box? So that if you had a lot of a could scroll up and down to read it all?


It doesn't appear to be possible anymore and I'm a little concerned that I'm "remembering" things that may not have even been there in the first place.

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On premises Data gateway

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by kalpana Regular Visitor on ‎12-11-2016 11:14 PM

Your data gateway (Power BI – personal) is offline or couldn't be reached.Hide details
Processing error: Your data gateway (Power BI – personal) is offline or could not be reached. Ensure the gateway computer is on and you are logged on to it during the scheduled refresh period.
Cluster URI:
Activity ID: ce4f0f4d-e0d0-495b-b5be-a6dc16c29e35
Request ID: 30bd0e1a-7530-75cf-9ebc-701627576ca1
Time: 2016-12-12 04:28:20Z


This error i am getting. I installed gateway also. Please help me to resolve this

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Brazil Currency (R$) - Missing

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by Matheus_bnm Occasional Visitor on ‎12-11-2016 01:20 PM

Hi team,


I can't find Brazil Real (R$) as currency format.

Any help?



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Regression in PowerQuery functionality

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by ronny_hagen Frequent Visitor on ‎12-11-2016 11:08 AM



I have been using a conversion to local timezone in a few scripts with reports on CRM data.

Since December 2nd I have had errors on the scheduled refresh of the dataset and investigation narrows the issue down to the following;

 #"Inserted Date" = Table.AddColumn(#"Changed Type7", "Date", each DateTimeZone.ToLocal([EstimatedCloseDate]), type date),



Is this an intended regression - or could it be a bug?





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Very bad wrong impression of visual text

Status: New
by Maherva Visitor on ‎12-10-2016 10:29 PM

When printing using any print driver, in the visual table the texts that are changed from color to white so that they are not printed, they are printed with which the impression is incorrectly observed, in addition the ordering icons appear or if a This object appears as such is being seen, definitely does not have a good result when trying to print.



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I posted a Power BI dashboard on the PBI community page, on the data stories gallery, and after 1 day it was gone, why? Was it not complying to some Community or Quality rules? I have a blog where you can see the dashboard:

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Cannot Start PowerBI Desktop

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by kamakay Frequent Visitor on ‎12-10-2016 11:42 AM

I have just installed the latest powerbi desktop 64 bit version (november update) but I can open powerbi on windows 10.


When I launch (even as administrator) powerbi I receive a message box


You can not start powerbi desktop
It was not possible to connect to the model


How can I solve this issue?



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BUG of "ESRI map" visual in Japanese. 漢

Status: Accepted
by yoshihirok Member on ‎12-09-2016 04:53 PM

Please remove a KANJI charactor round each string on ESRI map visual.


Now, ESRI map visual show a KANJI charactor round each string.

the KANJI charactor is "漢" in Japanese.




 Please remove the Kanji charactor.



Yoshihiro Kawabata


Status: Accepted
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