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When hovering over a visual in Power BI Service, the custom tooltip only flashes briefly on the screen. Tested on table and matrix visuals with different kind of custom tooltips. Tried re-publishing the report with latest version of Power BI Desktop, but the problem persists. The feature works on Power BI Desktop though. 

It's currently impossible for every user in our company to access Power BI Services (we are based in Paris, France). 

The page keeps loading forever and nothing happens. Is there an internal issue ? 

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Since December update we have hard time refreshing data with our DB2 database. Previously we were able to refresh around 7000 records a second, now the first 100-150 000 records are relatively OK but after that the pace drop at around 100-200 records a second.



At the moment, we can login to, but it's very slowly and the Workspaces are not loading. After a while the following error message appears
Etwas ist schief gelaufen.
Versuchen Sie es später noch einmal.
Unbekannter Fehler. Wenn dieser Fehler auch weiterhin auftritt, geben Sie bitte die folgenden Informationen an, wenn Sie sich an den Support wenden.
Datum und Uhrzeit: : 2019-01-15 13:57:17Z
ActivityId: 0f7366e9-91c5-413b-ae70-b491a2b42817
The meaning is: Somthing went wrong, please try again later. Unknown error.
All collegues are hit by this error, no one can work with powerbi online. 
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Datasets that include a query that merges data coming from a web data source on one side and another set of data coming from an on-Premises data source can't be refreshed using the On-Premises data gateway.

Error messages depend on the kind of the web data source. For example:

  • Sharepoint Online List: "The credentials provided for the SharePoint source are invalid"
  • Excel in Sharepoint Online (Web Connector): "SharePoint: Request failed: https://[...]"

I tried to merge data

  • from On-Prem Oracle with SPO List
  • from On-Prem Excel with SPO List
  • from On-Prem Excel with Excel in Sharepoint Online (Web Connector)

Every attempt failed. Tested with On-Prem Data Gateway 12-2018. I followed this documentation. According to this announcement this should work.


However, refreshes succeed when I access the identical data sources with reports that do NOT merge the data in a query:
Merge Test Result.png


Service Painfully Slow -- 07/30/2018

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by kcantor Super Contributor on ‎07-30-2018 05:37 AM

Reports are extrememly slow to load. The models refreshed but each page takes nearly a full minute to load or time out while loading the visuals.

Power BI Service is Very Slow

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by DavidKett Frequent Visitor on ‎12-13-2018 09:58 AM



I have been using Power BI Desktop and the Service for the last 3 years everyday and over the past week I have noticed that the Power BI Service is much slower than it has ever been. It can take 5-10 seconds per click in our environment in West US and in our customer environment. 


I noticed the most lag when I enter edit mode and try to change up reports. When I try to drag a new field on to the canvas from the data fields pane, you use to be able to see the field name next to the mouse cursor as you dragged around the canvas however now it seems glitchy and can take up to 5 seconds to appear. 


We did a webinar last week and have all of this abnormal latency recorded. We do not use Power BI Premium. 


Has anyone else seen anything similar? Please help us get back to user experience that we are used to!





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There is a bug in the conditional formatting options when trying to use "advanced options" in a matrix which shows (distinct count) values as percents of row totals. When conditional formatting is first turned on, it looks as expected. Here you can see the largest values in each row are green, which makes sense.


However, as soon as I click into the "advanced controls" to adjust this formatting, Power BI switches the formatting to percent of grand total, even if I do not change anything in the advanced control settings. There is no option to switch it back. The only way to switch it back is to turn the conditional formatting off and back on again to reset it. Here is what this unexpected result looks like.

In the image below, I have switched my values to display the counts as percents of GRAND total so you can clearly see this is what the app is using in the above image.

This is problematic, and should be fixed! 


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Google Analytics Connector in PowerBI Desktop

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by Andy4581 New Member on ‎11-14-2018 08:43 AM

I've recently installed November update for PowerBI Desktop and the Google Analytics connector has stopped working.

Am getting error message "Unexpected error: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute."

Any advice?

Matrix Icon Issues

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by chriber New Member on ‎11-19-2018 06:56 AM

I am using the new matrix icons from the November update.


Once I publish the report it shows to different views of icons between internet explorer vs chrome.


The internet explorer enlarges the icons for my reports when I publish it.




Vs chrome the correct view of how it is supposed to look.






Chris Berg

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Reports in Power BI service is now appearing with a dark green background and there is no option to disable the background. This issue only happens in Power BI service and the desktop version does not display the background



Legend.PNGLegend in Power BI ServiceLegend format.PNGLegend format options


Legend Desktop.PNGLegend in Power BI Desktop



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multiple scrollbars in firefox

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by moody31415 Frequent Visitor on ‎11-07-2018 09:47 AM

I'm seeing multiple scrollbars on data tables in firefox. This is a recent regression. I don't repro this issue in edge.Annotation 2018-11-07 094631.jpg

Missing / disappeared app in app workspace

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by pavel242 Frequent Visitor on ‎01-02-2019 08:37 AM

Over the holidays our app disappeared from the app menu and when accessed via direct link it says: We couldn't install "app name". (status code 400)


At least it's able to translate the ctid (http:// to app name.


I've searched the audit log and no updates / deletions or other activities appeared during second part of December. Btw. searching the audt log is quite tough, I ended up searching the acticities one by another, because when multiple of them were selected, I got 0 results but when just one was selected I got some results...



All Refreshes fail without indicating reason

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by sabinek Occasional Visitor on ‎12-10-2018 12:59 AM

Hello everyone,


I have setup four datasets with schedueled refreshes (each once a day on different times). The first few days they all work well and all of a sudden they fail without any reason:



Manual refreshes in the power BI portal succeed (sometimes also the schedueld refresh the next day) but then the refreshes fail again

I had a MS consultant looking at it but his advices (recreate the DB connection and reconfigure the refreshes) did not resolve the problems on a long term.


Here also some of the most important information about the circumstances:

Is the data source in Azure or on premises with gateway?
It is an Azure SQL database for three data sets (alwas the same db) and once an application insigts of an azure web app.
Is the problem only with one data source?
No, besides the 3 error messages for datasets based on this Azure SQL DB, the same error message occurred in parallel for a data source based on Applications Insights.
Has the problem occurred several days in a row or by chance?
The first time and also now the initial error message occurs randomly. The error repeats itself with every refresh until the Scheduled Refresh is disabled by the system. When I reactivate it, it works for some days (a week?) and then fails again.
Does the problem always occur on certain days?
As mentioned above, on each refresh, once the error occurred.
If you then restart the refresh manually, does it work?
The manual refresh works and sometimes the scheduled refresh works the next day, but then it fails again.
Here you can see the history of one dataset:
One more hint: It doesn't seem to depend on the number of refresh runs, but on the duration:
I restarted the Scheduled Refreshs for all 4 datasets on 29.11. One refresh ran twice a day and all others only once. All 4 datasets started to throw error messages on the 4.12.
If there is anyone who can help with that problem, I would be very glad.
Thanks in advance!
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ever since upgrading to November 2018 release, any relative date filters in filter cards (page, report level) behave as if only number of days could be specified, despite toggling through all the options (year, month, calendar month, week, ...). In the screenshot below, you can see that instead of calendar months, it filters for last 3 days.


Relative date slicer issue.png

The Report Usage Metrics have not been updated since October 2nd, 2018 across all Power BI Reports that I manage.  Are there any known issues reported at this time or corrective actions that can be taken to resolve?

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Color Scales stopped working today

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by js_ultimus Occasional Visitor on ‎11-14-2018 05:33 AM

The color scales stopped working today.  I didn't make any changes or updates, but today's data displayed as a solid color and when I tried to go in and update the color scale, nothing worked.  Everything is displaying as the Minimum value now.  Assuming there's a bug with the new color scale functionality.  





When I create a Relative Date Slicer on Power BI Desktop it works, i.e. if I click on the drop down for Last / Next / This I can choose something.  When I publish that and access the report via my browser, while I can click on the drop and and see the value, I cannot select Last / Next / This.  The same applies to the drop down for Weeks / Months / etc.


Desktop Slicer.PNGDesktop slicer: this worksOnline Slicer.PNGOnline slicer: this doesn't allow mouse click selection












My current workaround is to click in the numeric field in the middle, tab backwards and forwards between drop downs, and use Alt + down then the arrow keys to select what I need.  Well, that and remove them from reports because explaining that to users is a waste of time.


My Power BI desktop version is: 2.59.5135.601 64-bit (June 2018) (not that this probably matters as the drop downs work on Desktop).

The Power BI online version this is happening on is: 13.0.6700.151

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Matrix Word Wrap Issue in Embedded

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by bvach Visitor on ‎10-29-2018 01:58 PM


I am having an issue since the last update where my Matrix tables have extra scroll bars when they are published to power BI embedded. Word Wrap is enabled in Column headers, Row headers and Values. 2 of the three vertical scroll bars shouldn't exist, they do the same scrolling. Since wrapping is ON the horizontal scrolling for the Row and the values of the table should not exist either, just one scroll bar if not all columns are shown.

Matrix Issue.PNG



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Privacy setting for a data source in the data gateway is reset to "None" whenever I cancel a process of setting up a dataflow entity with the data source and the gateway. I have not been successful in setting up a connection with any data sources at this time, so I do not know what would happen if I DON'T cancel the process. I am able to recreate the condition every time. This appears to be a bug, but I would like a confirmation that I am not doing something wrong to cause this.