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I am using Power BI Professional in the UK and finding that the display of published dashboards on the web is very slow compared to the normal experience. Is anybody else having this issue? All the other websites I commonly visit pop up quicly so I dont think it is my internet connection,



The third argumant in PATH item can be INTEGER or TEXT:





However, IntelliSense underlines INTEGER, even though it is accepted and results in valid DAX:


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Service Painfully Slow -- 07/30/2018

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by kcantor Super Contributor on ‎07-30-2018 05:37 AM

Reports are extrememly slow to load. The models refreshed but each page takes nearly a full minute to load or time out while loading the visuals.

Dear Teams, 


My few reports recently are lost the images i inserted in and Lost the Color Background. 
the background turn Black while i used Red, 

It looks okay on the power BI service and desktop , but severely not okay on Publich link embaded. 

Anyone can help me how to settle this ? This bugs looks annoying on the report. 


thanks for your support so far.  

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Since July 25th the daily scheduled updates of my Lithium community content pack is failing with the error

"We expected a CountOrCondition value."

Activity ID ea832074-bb10-4103-8745-147d2458ded4
Request-ID 27a9fda5-fba8-1ec2-c8a2-0dbc9d4cf0d5
Timestamp 2018-08-13 12:14:43Z

I've already deleted and re-connecting and granting auth again via OAuth2 on our community, but no luck.

Also colleagues of mine - including the community admin - are running into the same issue. So we can already rule out a permission problem on community side.


Curious if the PowerBI community team can still use the Lithium Content pack with this community themselves, @chass & @MindyJ


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Cannot pin visualization with custom theme

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by bplost Visitor on ‎08-09-2018 08:40 AM

I am unable to pin a visualization (line and stacked column chart) to a dashboard in Power BI online.


I was able to pin the dashboard before adding a custom theme to my report, and am receiving the following error message now:


"Sorry, can't pin this visualization yet. Please try again later."

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Bug in python visual

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by htp84 Occasional Visitor Sunday

I cannot plot data using python. Seems like a localisation problem, comma is used instead of full stop as a decimal separator in a matplotlib function.


Feedback Type:
Frown (Error)


Local Time:

Session ID:

August 2018

Product Version:
2.61.5192.541 (18.08) (x64)

Error Message:
Рŷτђσñ ŝςѓϊрţ єŗŕôг.
File "PythonScriptWrapper.PY", line 6
SyntaxError: invalid token

OS Version:
Microsoft Windows NT 10.0.17134.0 (x64 sv-SE)

CLR Version:
4.7 or later [Release Number = 461808]

Peak Virtual Memory:
37.9 GB

Private Memory:
284 MB

Peak Working Set:
432 MB

IE Version:

User ID:

Workbook Package Info:
1* - sv-SE, Query Groups: 0, fastCombine: Disabled, runBackgroundAnalysis: True.

Telemetry Enabled:

AS Live Connection:

Performance Trace Logs:
C:\Users\hesu\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop\

Enabled Preview Features:

Disabled Preview Features:

Disabled DirectQuery Options:


DPI Scale:

Supported Services:
Power BI


section Section1;

unable to save the report

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by Liaise Frequent Visitor on ‎08-08-2018 11:05 PM

I have been getting the below error when I upload my pbix file to the service and then try make a change and save it in the Service. It has only started since the August 2018 update.


Please fix asap as i am unable to complete the work needed for the business.



Something went wrong
Unable to save the report
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Activity ID96bdb9b5-0a30-4dd0-ac81-345183b04c9f
Request ID9b060363-e97f-5ae6-a89b-4076e7c33fed
Correlation ID5b973615-ab51-724c-0744-c7de5aa99715
Status code401
TimeThu Aug 09 2018 16:03:42 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
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1) When republishing an existing report to our v2 workspace we get a 500 error and are unable to publish. deleting the report and associated dataset from the workspace unblocked us and we were able to publish.


2) Now that we've published an app from the workspace, we are unable to publish new reports to the workspace. Unpublishing the app and then republishing the app is not an option as the app is already distributed to 100 people.


3) when going to the schedule refresh page of a dataset someone else published, in the preview workspace, the "Take Over" button give an error as well.

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Power BI Service Filter vs Desktop (CSS bug?)

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by ksabi Frequent Visitor on ‎07-16-2018 01:26 AM



Since the last week, i have noticed that the hehavior (css Style) of my filters on power bi service has changed. 

The problem is illustrated in the image below : 

Power BI filter Bug.png


In PBDesktop, the selected item in my filter is in black. I had the same behavior on Power BI Service but, since the last week the back-ground color of the selection has disappeared.  


I remeber i had the same issue last year. 




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Yesterday everything was working fine. This morning (11-07-2018) an update to the Power BI Service has broken the new Custom Tooltips (using tabs as Tooltips) along with the Horisontal Slicers/Buttons which are yet again broken.


Microsoft please fix as soon as possible! This is yet another example of how an update to the Power BI Service that we as customers have no way of preventing breaks our current production reports.

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Cortana not showing power bi cortana card.

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by vsmani99 Visitor on ‎08-07-2018 10:44 AM

Cortana shows the power bi dataset, but not loading the powerbi cortana card report . it shows as loading.. while testing with also, it find the intepretations based on the utterence but not showing the cortana card at all. Can you please help? i can able to open other  powerbi dashboards without any issues using Cortana. Cortana card is not showing up.


cor1.JPGwhile typing net earnings, cortana shows the corresponding powerbi datasetcor2.JPGwhen we selected that, it kept showing as Loading

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After update my report and publish in pbi service, the images lost. Help me.


If I delete my report and publish in a new link, the images appeared again. The problem is I lose my link...


versao.PNGmy versioninicio.PNGon power bi desktopweb.PNGon web



Thanks with Regards, 

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AWS hosted Postgres -- Connectivity Issues

Status: Needs Info
by jc03701 Visitor on ‎08-07-2018 12:20 PM

Having trouble with intermitten connectivity to a postgres instance hosted by AWS.  It is similar to the outage experienced last week that was temporarily resolved. Can connect occasionally but not consistently.  Causing a huge pain for my organization.

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Today Iam experimenting issues with formatting on the Publish to Web option. Some buttons, background formatting and

logos missing from my reports. First image is from the Publish to Web and the second from the power bi service. The issue

is present for all my reports being published to web.



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Merge Columns Issue

Status: Needs Info
by wonga Established Member on ‎08-07-2018 10:54 AM

Using the latest version of Power BI Desktop (July 2018), when I merge two columns together, the other values don't seem to exist anymore.


For example, I have a column of date time values (e.g. 1/1/2018 12:00:00AM). I add a few columns that extract the month and year of this date time column.


As a result, I get two columns: name of month and year. I then do some formatting actions (extracting characters and uppercase).


I then merge the two columns together. I expect to see a list of MonthYear values (e.g. JAN18, FEB18, etc.). However, I only see 1 MonthYear value instead of what I expected (12 or more) when trying to filter.

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For some reason some of my reports (published about 1,5-2 weeks ago) has suddenly a change in background color on the report canvas from the background color I have set in the PBIX to a dark grey + the background surrounding the report canvas has also gotten this dark grey color. It has also happened to some of the visualizations bakgrounds for one of the published  reports. 


I have not made any changes to the PBIX or in the service since publishing these files, so this seems to be a bug. 


bug2.pngBackground has changed for background surrounding canvas and for two viz on the report page


bug pbi service background1.pngGrey report canvas in PBI service

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Hi I have just deployed a report with tooltips on the table, as per the new release in July 2018.

All works fine in the desktop, but it doesnt work on the service.

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Hi Power BI Support,


I am trying to save a power bi report after making some edits in Power BI service and it is throwing the following error. I can save the report under a different name but it is a hassle to rename them later. Is the below information helpful to troubleshoot the issue?


Unable to save the report
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.


Activity ID1fc0cbfe-ce20-496a-bbc2-21b0684d7d29
Request ID3d155799-de9c-75ac-1fb1-009eaf49e15b
Correlation IDc8929ea8-8699-80ed-9683-e5245fa26c04
Status code401
TimeThu Aug 09 2018 19:17:36 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
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Something that's annoyed me for a while is that each month after installing the PowerBI Desktop monthly update, the icon disappears from the shortcut I have pinned to my taskbar in Windows 10.  To fix it I have to unpin PowerBI from the taskbar and then pin it again and drag it back into the preferred position.  This happens every month.  Can something be done to stop this happening?


Regards, David

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