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Hi everyone,


I have an issue with Power BI Subscribe.

I made a Dashboard and using feature Pin Live Page to add a report into Dashboard.
After, I setup a schedule Subscribe for this Dashboard.


Often, it's good. But from Sunday 16th-Sep, it's send to me a File wrong. It just snapshot a half of Report.


Please help me know what happend?



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When I create a Relative Date Slicer on Power BI Desktop it works, i.e. if I click on the drop down for Last / Next / This I can choose something.  When I publish that and access the report via my browser, while I can click on the drop and and see the value, I cannot select Last / Next / This.  The same applies to the drop down for Weeks / Months / etc.


Desktop Slicer.PNGDesktop slicer: this worksOnline Slicer.PNGOnline slicer: this doesn't allow mouse click selection












My current workaround is to click in the numeric field in the middle, tab backwards and forwards between drop downs, and use Alt + down then the arrow keys to select what I need.  Well, that and remove them from reports because explaining that to users is a waste of time.


My Power BI desktop version is: 2.59.5135.601 64-bit (June 2018) (not that this probably matters as the drop downs work on Desktop).

The Power BI online version this is happening on is: 13.0.6700.151

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Reports that have been working for a long time now, the line and clustered column chart isno longer showing the Show Data screen correctly.

I noticed that this behavior is shown as soon as a line value is added to the chart:



The headers are no longer shown and also the data displayed is not correct. Without line values, all is good. The setting "secondary y-axis" also does not show any change to that behavior.


This happens for all kinds of data, even with dummy data. I believe this is a bug, this should be fixed asap as all combo charts in production stopped working.

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Issue: matrix visual does not show data

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by Ojke Frequent Visitor on ‎09-11-2018 08:10 AM



As of today, it seems that the matrix visual is having some issues in the PowerBI service (web).

Reports that worked fine yesterday, don't show data anymore in the matrix visual.

Other visuals seem to work fine. If I change a matrix to a column chart, I see data.

What happened and how can this be solved without having to change the report?

The source of the reports is a SSAS multidimensional live connection.


We had a similar issue in the past (previous issue). Back then I found a work around, however now I don't seem to find a temporary solution.


Thanks for your quick answer and solution.



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In Version: 2.62.5222.601 64-bit (September 2018) trying to enter values in the custom colour boxes just causes the colour chart popup to shutdown and not allow entry.

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There is an issue with the relative date slicer in Power BI service - one cannot select different options.


For instance, if you start creating a new report in the service and create a relative date slicer visual, you cannot change its default settings.


Or if you have a report developed in Power BI Desktop with a relative date slicer in it, when published to the service, you cannot select a different option for the slicer.



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Service Painfully Slow -- 07/30/2018

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by kcantor Super Contributor on ‎07-30-2018 05:37 AM

Reports are extrememly slow to load. The models refreshed but each page takes nearly a full minute to load or time out while loading the visuals.

Hello there, we have some published reports using the Facet Key custom visual, however today those visuals are not working in any level (not the PBIX in desktop, neither the ones in our workspaces and not even the ones that we previously published to web).


Here are the things I have tried so far:

- Updating the visual from the marketplace

- Deleting the visuals and create them again

- Activating the "Modern visual header with updating styling options" in the desktop reports

- Saving that previous file with another name and even as a template

- Publishing the report to a workspace, and export it as a PBIX


So far the only way I have found this visual to work again is to create a file from scratch and draw everything again. However since we have lots of reports created and lots of work done in the query editor, data editor and in the report itself, we would like to avoid this solution if another one may be suggested.

I also matched the "Current file options" in the new file with the old ones and still didn't work.


Help would be appreciated.


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I came around the issue when I created a new type of workspace (the one that doesn't create a corresponding O365 group). I've created a new report by importing data. Then I created a new report that is sourced from that PowerBI dataset located in the workspace and I'm getting Internal Server Error when publishing the report.


"An error occured while attempting to publish "Report.pbix": The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error"



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Embedding set.pagefilter() not working

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by Rich2852 Frequent Visitor on ‎09-10-2018 01:34 AM

This is currently not working: 

reportEmbed.min.js:1 Unhandled Promise rejection: Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'Window': TypeError: Cannot read property 'instanceOfIVisualLevel' of undefined could not be cloned. ; Zone: <root> ; Task: Promise.then ; Value: DOMException: Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'Window': TypeError: Cannot read property 'instanceOfIVisualLevel' of undefined could not be cloned.
    at e.sendResponse (
    at t.invoke (
    at (
    at t.invokeTask (
    at e.runTask (
    at v (
    at e.invokeTask (
    at i.isUsingGlobalCallback.invoke ( Error: Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'Window': TypeError: Cannot read property 'instanceOfIVisualLevel' of undefined could not be cloned.
    at e.sendResponse (
    at t.invoke (
    at (
    at t.invokeTask (
    at e.runTask (
    at v (
    at e.invokeTask (
    at i.isUsingGlobalCallback.invoke (


See the demo for an example:



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Hi Team, 


We have a massive issue with the new August 2018 release. We have report server Version 1.2.6690.34729 (March 2018) installed and more than 100 users using the platform. We considered upgrading to August 2018 (Version 1.3.6816.37243) but had to rollback imediately as reports wouldn't load unless every user delete their cache (Browser Data). Given the amount of users we have this is just not a viable nor professional solution.


Are you guys working on a patch solution for this problem in the August 2018 version? Could you please confirm if we won't have another option but to clean up ever users cache after this upgrade or future upgrades?


Thank you, 

When adding title to a visualisation the title menu options makes a jump and title box is no longer active. I need to click the title box again to continue writing. Takes much longer time to add a title.


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IE11 crashes when consuming report

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by bosse_ Visitor on ‎08-30-2018 11:12 PM
I have a quite simple report and a small size dataset behind (approx 2000 rows in largest tabel, total 5 tables).
The report is based of 3 slicers (shown as dropdowns) and 4 100% stacked bar charts.
The problem accours when consuming this report in IE 11, no matter if it is consumed by or in "publish to web" mode. The report will crash when selecting from all of the 3 slicers, idependent which order you pick. Even if the the last slicers only show 1 option, yhen you choose that option IE11 is shutting down and the message "A problem with this webpage coused Internet Explorer to close and reopen the tab.". It occours every time, i even tried to recreate the report in lastest version of Power BI Desktop but no nothing change. If I remove the slicers, or edit 100% stacked bar charts to pie diagrams it all works! If att used another stacked bar diagram (not the 100% one) the problem is still there.
Everything works fine in Edge, Chome etc. I have updated IE11 to the latest version; 11.228.17134.0
Any ideas?
Best regards
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Dear Teams, 


My few reports recently are lost the images i inserted in and Lost the Color Background. 
the background turn Black while i used Red, 

It looks okay on the power BI service and desktop , but severely not okay on Publich link embaded. 

Anyone can help me how to settle this ? This bugs looks annoying on the report. 


thanks for your support so far.  

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In the August Release we had several calculated columns structured as shown below where the calculated column is created on an imported table but it refrences fields in a direct query table. 



OpenEscalations = 
&& ServiceCalls[DateClosed] = blank()

In the August Release of Power BI Desktop this formula works properly.  I can create a table where I list devices and the total number of escalations associated to each device next to it.  After upgrading to September, the formula and visuals continue to function until any attempt to change it (even changing it back to it's former state) results in an error message "The expression referenced column [Column Name] which does not hold any data because it needs to be recalculated or refreshed."  Note that the table/column name in the error message need not be included in the DAX formula.  It's another similar formula on a completely unrelated table.  


I have a file that uses 4 of these types of formulas and once any of them are edited, all of them stop functioning.  Additionally, all measures using the direct query tables also stop functioning (all reporting the same error message referencing a table/column that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the measure or calculated column in question). 


Attempting to refresh the entire file doesn't appear to have any impact on the issue.  The only way to get the file back to a workable state seems to be to delete all instances of calculated columns which reference direct query tables.


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Power Bi update Power BI Desktop refresh error

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by pgk Frequent Visitor on ‎09-12-2018 08:15 PM



I have been facing a problem with data refreshes which started after PBI desktop was updated to the September version. I have a Pbix file that connects to an Excel file located in a Sharepoint Site. Up until now, I had no problems updating the file whenever the source Excel file was updated


However, ever since the most recent release, when I attempt to update  the PBIX file, I get an eror saying "Failed to save modifications to the server. Error returned: 'An unexpected error occurred (file 'xlattrmap.cpp', line 396, function 'XLColInfoMapper::AddToAttrMapper')" . I have no idea what this means. I didn't have this problem previously. Anybody else facing a similar problem?


Thank you


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Yesterday everything was working fine. This morning (11-07-2018) an update to the Power BI Service has broken the new Custom Tooltips (using tabs as Tooltips) along with the Horisontal Slicers/Buttons which are yet again broken.


Microsoft please fix as soon as possible! This is yet another example of how an update to the Power BI Service that we as customers have no way of preventing breaks our current production reports.

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August release: Refresh never completes

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by xerxel Frequent Visitor on ‎08-17-2018 03:33 AM

Model works and refreshes in July release. Tried in August release on two machines and refresh never completes. Model contains links to Sharepoint online and SFDC. Sharepoint data loads slowly and SFDC never completes. Model includes custom functions.


How can we debug the difference between August vs July of the exact same model?



Power BI Service Filter vs Desktop (CSS bug?)

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by ksabi Frequent Visitor on ‎07-16-2018 01:26 AM



Since the last week, i have noticed that the hehavior (css Style) of my filters on power bi service has changed. 

The problem is illustrated in the image below : 

Power BI filter Bug.png


In PBDesktop, the selected item in my filter is in black. I had the same behavior on Power BI Service but, since the last week the back-ground color of the selection has disappeared.  


I remeber i had the same issue last year. 




Status: Accepted

Hi guys,

We have an easy-to-reproduce issue that is critical to all users who have the Salesforce Objects connector in any of their queries.

The August 2018 version of Power BI Desktop (2.61.5192.601) does not allow the framework to refresh any queries that use the Salesforce Objects connector. [The Salesforce Reports connector is unaffected.]

To demonstrate this, simply add the following text into Power Query using the Advanced Editor.

    Source = Salesforce.Data(),
    SFDCObject = Source{[Name="Campaign"]}[Data], // Change this table name to be any SFDC table with >2000 records in it
    Custom1 = Table.Range(SFDCObject, 2001, 1)

The code is trying to return the 2001st record from any Salesforce Objects data set (assuming that it initially has >2000 rows!). Symptoms: The framework can happily extract the first 2000 rows without issue, but any subsequent rows fail to return and the Refresh data screen never completes. The only option is to cancel the dialog, and that often results in a hang.


As a result, we cannot refresh any Salesforce Object datasets within Power BI Desktop (Aug 2018 version). The functionality works fine with ALL previous versions of Power BI Desktop.


This is preventing us from being able to use the latest version of the software. please can you address this ASAP?

Many thanks,

Geoff Richardson


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