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When hovering over a visual in Power BI Service, the custom tooltip only flashes briefly on the screen. Tested on table and matrix visuals with different kind of custom tooltips. Tried re-publishing the report with latest version of Power BI Desktop, but the problem persists. The feature works on Power BI Desktop though. 

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Good morning


I have a real time dashboard working with azure stream analytics dataset, the dashboard always worked well but recetly it started flickering: (2).gif


Any ideas of why is this happening? Its a bug of power bi online?


I try to create a new one but the problem persists.


Many thanks.

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Impossible to access Power BI Services

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by amineb Frequent Visitor on ‎01-15-2019 06:08 AM

It's currently impossible for every user in our company to access Power BI Services (we are based in Paris, France). 

The page keeps loading forever and nothing happens. Is there an internal issue ? 

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Matrix Icon Issues

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by chriber New Member on ‎11-19-2018 06:56 AM

I am using the new matrix icons from the November update.


Once I publish the report it shows to different views of icons between internet explorer vs chrome.


The internet explorer enlarges the icons for my reports when I publish it.




Vs chrome the correct view of how it is supposed to look.






Chris Berg

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Reports in Power BI service is now appearing with a dark green background and there is no option to disable the background. This issue only happens in Power BI service and the desktop version does not display the background



Legend.PNGLegend in Power BI ServiceLegend format.PNGLegend format options


Legend Desktop.PNGLegend in Power BI Desktop



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All Refreshes fail without indicating reason

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by sabinek Occasional Visitor on ‎12-10-2018 12:59 AM

Hello everyone,


I have setup four datasets with schedueled refreshes (each once a day on different times). The first few days they all work well and all of a sudden they fail without any reason:



Manual refreshes in the power BI portal succeed (sometimes also the schedueld refresh the next day) but then the refreshes fail again

I had a MS consultant looking at it but his advices (recreate the DB connection and reconfigure the refreshes) did not resolve the problems on a long term.


Here also some of the most important information about the circumstances:

Is the data source in Azure or on premises with gateway?
It is an Azure SQL database for three data sets (alwas the same db) and once an application insigts of an azure web app.
Is the problem only with one data source?
No, besides the 3 error messages for datasets based on this Azure SQL DB, the same error message occurred in parallel for a data source based on Applications Insights.
Has the problem occurred several days in a row or by chance?
The first time and also now the initial error message occurs randomly. The error repeats itself with every refresh until the Scheduled Refresh is disabled by the system. When I reactivate it, it works for some days (a week?) and then fails again.
Does the problem always occur on certain days?
As mentioned above, on each refresh, once the error occurred.
If you then restart the refresh manually, does it work?
The manual refresh works and sometimes the scheduled refresh works the next day, but then it fails again.
Here you can see the history of one dataset:
One more hint: It doesn't seem to depend on the number of refresh runs, but on the duration:
I restarted the Scheduled Refreshs for all 4 datasets on 29.11. One refresh ran twice a day and all others only once. All 4 datasets started to throw error messages on the 4.12.
If there is anyone who can help with that problem, I would be very glad.
Thanks in advance!
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The Report Usage Metrics have not been updated since October 2nd, 2018 across all Power BI Reports that I manage.  Are there any known issues reported at this time or corrective actions that can be taken to resolve?

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When I create a Relative Date Slicer on Power BI Desktop it works, i.e. if I click on the drop down for Last / Next / This I can choose something.  When I publish that and access the report via my browser, while I can click on the drop and and see the value, I cannot select Last / Next / This.  The same applies to the drop down for Weeks / Months / etc.


Desktop Slicer.PNGDesktop slicer: this worksOnline Slicer.PNGOnline slicer: this doesn't allow mouse click selection












My current workaround is to click in the numeric field in the middle, tab backwards and forwards between drop downs, and use Alt + down then the arrow keys to select what I need.  Well, that and remove them from reports because explaining that to users is a waste of time.


My Power BI desktop version is: 2.59.5135.601 64-bit (June 2018) (not that this probably matters as the drop downs work on Desktop).

The Power BI online version this is happening on is: 13.0.6700.151

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Matrix Word Wrap Issue in Embedded

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by bvach Visitor on ‎10-29-2018 01:58 PM


I am having an issue since the last update where my Matrix tables have extra scroll bars when they are published to power BI embedded. Word Wrap is enabled in Column headers, Row headers and Values. 2 of the three vertical scroll bars shouldn't exist, they do the same scrolling. Since wrapping is ON the horizontal scrolling for the Row and the values of the table should not exist either, just one scroll bar if not all columns are shown.

Matrix Issue.PNG



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Yesterday everything was working fine. This morning (11-07-2018) an update to the Power BI Service has broken the new Custom Tooltips (using tabs as Tooltips) along with the Horisontal Slicers/Buttons which are yet again broken.


Microsoft please fix as soon as possible! This is yet another example of how an update to the Power BI Service that we as customers have no way of preventing breaks our current production reports.

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Power BI Service Filter vs Desktop (CSS bug?)

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by ksabi Frequent Visitor on ‎07-16-2018 01:26 AM



Since the last week, i have noticed that the hehavior (css Style) of my filters on power bi service has changed. 

The problem is illustrated in the image below : 

Power BI filter Bug.png


In PBDesktop, the selected item in my filter is in black. I had the same behavior on Power BI Service but, since the last week the back-ground color of the selection has disappeared.  


I remeber i had the same issue last year. 




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I came around the issue when I created a new type of workspace (the one that doesn't create a corresponding O365 group). I've created a new report by importing data. Then I created a new report that is sourced from that PowerBI dataset located in the workspace and I'm getting Internal Server Error when publishing the report.


"An error occured while attempting to publish "Report.pbix": The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error"



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Dear Teams, 


My few reports recently are lost the images i inserted in and Lost the Color Background. 
the background turn Black while i used Red, 

It looks okay on the power BI service and desktop , but severely not okay on Publich link embaded. 

Anyone can help me how to settle this ? This bugs looks annoying on the report. 


thanks for your support so far.  

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Usage metrics not updating since 4th November 2018

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Sync Slicers is buggy in PowerBI Desktop (latest Oct 2018 release) - if you stop syncing, the slicer often still filters the pages it was applied to, even if you untick the boxes on the Sync Slicers properties - very frustrating. If you completely delete the synced slicer, it still applies (which is even worse)!


Further details at and


You can work around this (and prove its effect) by copying the visuals to another page tab where they will work (fortunately). This demonstrates the fact that there's still a hidden slicer on the page. This is a serious bug, wasting time and putting people off. Should be easy to test and fix at HQ though :-) 




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Usage Metrics Not COrrect/Working

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by SRUJANA8NEELAM Occasional Visitor on ‎10-05-2018 03:53 AM

Usage metrics for reports are having missing data(The dates after OCT 3 not updated).Users table is also wrong and I have blanks in Users table.I see so many issues around Usage Metrics reported.Usage Metrics is very important feature to us,Can you please fix this immediately.Capture.PNG

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Whenever the visual is a table that has many entries I'm not able to scroll with the mouse wheel or the keyboard on Firefox.


I'm currently using Firefox Quantum 62.0.3 (64-bit) and the version of Power BI Javascript client is 2.6.5 (also tested 2.5.0 and 2.4.7).


I would also like to show the scrollbar (which is not shown) whenever there are more records on the table than can be shown on the iframe.

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Issue: matrix visual does not show data

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by Ojke Frequent Visitor on ‎09-11-2018 08:10 AM



As of today, it seems that the matrix visual is having some issues in the PowerBI service (web).

Reports that worked fine yesterday, don't show data anymore in the matrix visual.

Other visuals seem to work fine. If I change a matrix to a column chart, I see data.

What happened and how can this be solved without having to change the report?

The source of the reports is a SSAS multidimensional live connection.


We had a similar issue in the past (previous issue). Back then I found a work around, however now I don't seem to find a temporary solution.


Thanks for your quick answer and solution.



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Dealing with a Matrix on the web service, if the user clicks on "Go to next level in the hierarchy" first, and then right clicks on a row and selects "Drill Down", the drill behaves as if the user once again clicked on "Go to next level in the hierarcy".


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I enable modern visual header and hidden Expand option and published to service. It worked as expected in web, but it's not working in Power BI Mobile application.
I feel there is a mismatch between the drill down options between web and mobile. Correct me if I am wrong?

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