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While opening reports in Mozilla Firefox 47.0b1(Latest Update), I am getting “undefined” text all over the top of my reports, though I can open reports using another browser i.e. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.


Earlier I had never come across this issue. This is happening with all the reports in My Workspace and App Workspaces. Is there any idea why is this happening?




When hovering over a visual in Power BI Service, the custom tooltip only flashes briefly on the screen. Tested on table and matrix visuals with different kind of custom tooltips. Tried re-publishing the report with latest version of Power BI Desktop, but the problem persists. The feature works on Power BI Desktop though. 

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Impossible to access Power BI Services

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by amineb Frequent Visitor on ‎01-15-2019 06:08 AM

It's currently impossible for every user in our company to access Power BI Services (we are based in Paris, France). 

The page keeps loading forever and nothing happens. Is there an internal issue ? 

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Some of my datasets acting up today. 


I have a schedule refreshes on my datasets, when the report is refreshing, it automatically started the new refresh and killed the old one with the error "The scheduled refresh is cancelled because a new refresh is detected on the same database" img 2.pngimg 1.png



Is there an issue with the service? 


Scheduled Reports are taking error "Before the data import for (Data Source Name) finished, its data source timed out."  Most reports have 60 min. timeout coded and error occurs after a couple minutes.  Start of last week, a couple reports showed error.  By Fend of week about half the scheduled reports took the error.  Administrator restarted/rebooted Enterprise Gateway.  Reports immediately ran fine.  This week, a similar pattern emerged.  Some reports fail at start of week and by Friday, high percentage of reports failed with this error message.  Data sources are accessing SQL Server & Oracle databases.  We know the restart of the Gateway is the quick fix, but seems like there is a bigger issue.

Service Painfully Slow -- 07/30/2018

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by kcantor Super Contributor on ‎07-30-2018 05:37 AM

Reports are extrememly slow to load. The models refreshed but each page takes nearly a full minute to load or time out while loading the visuals.

Power BI Service is Very Slow

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by DavidKett Frequent Visitor on ‎12-13-2018 09:58 AM



I have been using Power BI Desktop and the Service for the last 3 years everyday and over the past week I have noticed that the Power BI Service is much slower than it has ever been. It can take 5-10 seconds per click in our environment in West US and in our customer environment. 


I noticed the most lag when I enter edit mode and try to change up reports. When I try to drag a new field on to the canvas from the data fields pane, you use to be able to see the field name next to the mouse cursor as you dragged around the canvas however now it seems glitchy and can take up to 5 seconds to appear. 


We did a webinar last week and have all of this abnormal latency recorded. We do not use Power BI Premium. 


Has anyone else seen anything similar? Please help us get back to user experience that we are used to!





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There is a bug in the conditional formatting options when trying to use "advanced options" in a matrix which shows (distinct count) values as percents of row totals. When conditional formatting is first turned on, it looks as expected. Here you can see the largest values in each row are green, which makes sense.


However, as soon as I click into the "advanced controls" to adjust this formatting, Power BI switches the formatting to percent of grand total, even if I do not change anything in the advanced control settings. There is no option to switch it back. The only way to switch it back is to turn the conditional formatting off and back on again to reset it. Here is what this unexpected result looks like.

In the image below, I have switched my values to display the counts as percents of GRAND total so you can clearly see this is what the app is using in the above image.

This is problematic, and should be fixed! 


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Reports in Power BI service is now appearing with a dark green background and there is no option to disable the background. This issue only happens in Power BI service and the desktop version does not display the background



Legend.PNGLegend in Power BI ServiceLegend format.PNGLegend format options


Legend Desktop.PNGLegend in Power BI Desktop



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The Report Usage Metrics have not been updated since October 2nd, 2018 across all Power BI Reports that I manage.  Are there any known issues reported at this time or corrective actions that can be taken to resolve?

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ever since upgrading to November 2018 release, any relative date filters in filter cards (page, report level) behave as if only number of days could be specified, despite toggling through all the options (year, month, calendar month, week, ...). In the screenshot below, you can see that instead of calendar months, it filters for last 3 days.


Relative date slicer issue.png

Color Scales stopped working today

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by js_ultimus Occasional Visitor on ‎11-14-2018 05:33 AM

The color scales stopped working today.  I didn't make any changes or updates, but today's data displayed as a solid color and when I tried to go in and update the color scale, nothing worked.  Everything is displaying as the Minimum value now.  Assuming there's a bug with the new color scale functionality.  





Matrix Word Wrap Issue in Embedded

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by bvach Visitor on ‎10-29-2018 01:58 PM


I am having an issue since the last update where my Matrix tables have extra scroll bars when they are published to power BI embedded. Word Wrap is enabled in Column headers, Row headers and Values. 2 of the three vertical scroll bars shouldn't exist, they do the same scrolling. Since wrapping is ON the horizontal scrolling for the Row and the values of the table should not exist either, just one scroll bar if not all columns are shown.

Matrix Issue.PNG



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Yesterday everything was working fine. This morning (11-07-2018) an update to the Power BI Service has broken the new Custom Tooltips (using tabs as Tooltips) along with the Horisontal Slicers/Buttons which are yet again broken.


Microsoft please fix as soon as possible! This is yet another example of how an update to the Power BI Service that we as customers have no way of preventing breaks our current production reports.

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Power BI Service Filter vs Desktop (CSS bug?)

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by ksabi Frequent Visitor on ‎07-16-2018 01:26 AM



Since the last week, i have noticed that the hehavior (css Style) of my filters on power bi service has changed. 

The problem is illustrated in the image below : 

Power BI filter Bug.png


In PBDesktop, the selected item in my filter is in black. I had the same behavior on Power BI Service but, since the last week the back-ground color of the selection has disappeared.  


I remeber i had the same issue last year. 




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I came around the issue when I created a new type of workspace (the one that doesn't create a corresponding O365 group). I've created a new report by importing data. Then I created a new report that is sourced from that PowerBI dataset located in the workspace and I'm getting Internal Server Error when publishing the report.


"An error occured while attempting to publish "Report.pbix": The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error"



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Dear Teams, 


My few reports recently are lost the images i inserted in and Lost the Color Background. 
the background turn Black while i used Red, 

It looks okay on the power BI service and desktop , but severely not okay on Publich link embaded. 

Anyone can help me how to settle this ? This bugs looks annoying on the report. 


thanks for your support so far.  

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Power BI Pro Web is extremely slow

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by kwyoung001 Visitor ‎12-13-2018 08:13 AM - edited ‎12-13-2018 08:18 AM

Has anyone else notice PowerBI Pro is extremely slow over the last week 12/10/18 to present day?  We have been getting the following messages off and on.  Reports sometimes run okay and other times they fail and it seem to be the reliability (lack) of the MS service.  If we run via the PowerBI Pro Desktop things run much faster and don't fail.  Over a month ago, we didn't have the issue, but it's getting worse as the days/weeks go by to the point it's unusable.  So far MS support does not seem to do anything and claim 


"We regret to agree to your concern. However, we try our best to provide our best to our users.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the product limitation or product not working as per your expectation. I totally agree with you and all of your concerns and they are completely valid.

Our Product team pushes improvements and features on weekly basis. These improvements are planned well in advance. But there are some of the improvements which will have lot of dependencies due to which it takes long time and sometimes it becomes extremely hard for us to define an ETA even though we have a road map of improving the feature. We hope you understand the complexity here. Our focus is always on improving customer experience and giving what customer is looking for sooner or later."


This visual has exceeded the available resources. Try filtering to decrease the amount of data displayed.
Please try again later or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.

More detailsThe XML for Analysis request timed out before it was completed. Timeout value: 225 sec.
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Usage metrics not updating since 4th November 2018

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