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It is currently not possible for me to refresh reports on the report service.

The error i'm getting is: The command has been canceled.. The exception was raised by the IDbCommand interface.


few info:

* This started on Saturday 1st december 2018
* Refresh works fine on desktop app

* It only affects report with incremental refresh ON
* I tried to rename the report and reupload but same error occurs
* When I disable the incremental refresh, report service works fine (but unacceptable for production)


Can you help. This is affecting the reports I have in prodcution and it is pretty urgent for me to fix.


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We display PowerBI reports with the Microsoft embed library in a custom web container.
Frequently, report tooltips are not correctly displayed.

As you can see in the screenshot, they take an - apparently fixed, ie 1280 - size, despite having set it up in the builder, both as 'auto' or the desired fixed size of 300ish px.

The report is inside an iframe so I doubt it has to do with the container CSS.


This bug seems to happen on all major browsers (FF, Chrome, Edge) but we never seen it in the pbi desktop app.
How can we ensure the tooltip is displayed as designed in the builder ?
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After updating Desktop to Nov 2018, my existing reports with Azure Data Lake Storage connections now fail to refresh, nor can I create a new connection to my Azure Data Lake Storage account.  I have just reinstalled Oct 2018 and everything works fine.


After entering the URL and then my organization credentials, I receive a message saying something like "Specify How to Connect" but with no button or action available to do anything about it.  I can either close or hit "Connect" again, and re-enter an endless loop of this warning message popping up.

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I have not an insane amount of fields, maybe 300 or so, and the search box freezes for like 20 seconds when I put in just a single common letter like s or e. seems like this should be really fast for 300 fields?

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For some reason some of my reports (published about 1,5-2 weeks ago) has suddenly a change in background color on the report canvas from the background color I have set in the PBIX to a dark grey + the background surrounding the report canvas has also gotten this dark grey color. It has also happened to some of the visualizations bakgrounds for one of the published  reports. 


I have not made any changes to the PBIX or in the service since publishing these files, so this seems to be a bug. 


bug2.pngBackground has changed for background surrounding canvas and for two viz on the report page


bug pbi service background1.pngGrey report canvas in PBI service

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There is an issue with the relative date slicer in Power BI service - one cannot select different options.


For instance, if you start creating a new report in the service and create a relative date slicer visual, you cannot change its default settings.


Or if you have a report developed in Power BI Desktop with a relative date slicer in it, when published to the service, you cannot select a different option for the slicer.



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why powerbi app in web browser (firefox 2018) show multiple scroll that not appear in the power bi desktop when we design the page, i can't find where the option to disable this multiple scroll, please check and hire more manpower to take care powerbi, to much basic and simple bug.

These circled scroll bar is not appear in powerbi desktop, its really disturbing the view


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Usage Metrics Not Tracking All Views

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by caseybowyer Visitor on ‎09-21-2018 09:41 AM

We track dashboard usage metrics for accountability in our organization.  We've noticed that some viewers' activity is not being tracked in the usage metrics report.  Their views do not show up in usage metrics for the dashboard view or report view of our presentation.  They have definitely viewed the dashboard -- we've watched them share their screen while looking at it.

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There are several tickets with this issue, but I didn't get any solution for 'Something went wrong: unable to save report' in PBI Service, except for replacing the dataset and re-building all reports manually. I did it several times, but it takes too much time. Is there any fix for this bug?



Thank you in advance.


Kind regards,


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Reports are not working in the service

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by Steffen Frequent Visitor on ‎11-17-2017 05:15 AM

For the last 30 minutes it has not been possible to show reports in the service. They are just loading and never finishes. I have tried with reports from different sources, so the problem is in the Power BI Service. 


Can someone fix this ASAP? I'm based in northern europe.

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ios app does not render json theme font

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by eyebelieve Visitor on ‎11-05-2018 11:49 AM

The font set in the json theme shows correctly in the desktop tool and in the web browser, but does not render correctly on the iOS app. I have tested by setting various visualization styles without any resolution.


*iOS app fully up to date

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Hi guys,

We have an easy-to-reproduce issue that is critical to all users who have the Salesforce Objects connector in any of their queries.

The August 2018 version of Power BI Desktop (2.61.5192.601) does not allow the framework to refresh any queries that use the Salesforce Objects connector. [The Salesforce Reports connector is unaffected.]

To demonstrate this, simply add the following text into Power Query using the Advanced Editor.

    Source = Salesforce.Data(),
    SFDCObject = Source{[Name="Campaign"]}[Data], // Change this table name to be any SFDC table with >2000 records in it
    Custom1 = Table.Range(SFDCObject, 2001, 1)

The code is trying to return the 2001st record from any Salesforce Objects data set (assuming that it initially has >2000 rows!). Symptoms: The framework can happily extract the first 2000 rows without issue, but any subsequent rows fail to return and the Refresh data screen never completes. The only option is to cancel the dialog, and that often results in a hang.


As a result, we cannot refresh any Salesforce Object datasets within Power BI Desktop (Aug 2018 version). The functionality works fine with ALL previous versions of Power BI Desktop.


This is preventing us from being able to use the latest version of the software. please can you address this ASAP?

Many thanks,

Geoff Richardson


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Power Bi update Power BI Desktop refresh error

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by pgk Regular Visitor on ‎09-12-2018 08:15 PM



I have been facing a problem with data refreshes which started after PBI desktop was updated to the September version. I have a Pbix file that connects to an Excel file located in a Sharepoint Site. Up until now, I had no problems updating the file whenever the source Excel file was updated


However, ever since the most recent release, when I attempt to update  the PBIX file, I get an eror saying "Failed to save modifications to the server. Error returned: 'An unexpected error occurred (file 'xlattrmap.cpp', line 396, function 'XLColInfoMapper::AddToAttrMapper')" . I have no idea what this means. I didn't have this problem previously. Anybody else facing a similar problem?


Thank you


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IE and Edge seems to crash when viewing a report witch specific type of chart. Problem occurs at least in this configuration: Windows 10 ver. 1703 64bit, IE 11.1088.15063.0, Edge  40.15063.674.0, Power BI Desktop 2.59.5135.421 64-bit

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a new Power BI report with Power BI Desktop.
2. Get data from somewhere or enter data manually (you should have at least 2 columns, a category-field and a number-field, a few rows is enough). Data itself doesn't seem to matter (where it comes from, etc) in order to reproduce the problem.
3. Add Line and Clustered Column Chart to the report
4. Add the Category-field as shared axis and the number-field as the line
5. Make sure the settings for the line are as follows:

(Format -> Shapes -> Stroke Width:4, Join Type:Bevel, Line Style: Solid, Show markers: On, Marker style: circle, Marker size: 6)

7. The graph should look something like this:
6. Save the file and publish it to
7. Open up Internet Explorer or Edge and browse to
8. Login and view the published report

What happens:
The browser starts to load the report but after a few seconds it crashes to an unknown cause

What should happen:
The report should load normally to be viewable and clickable

I think the problem is related to the markers on the line graph. The line seems to be missing the markers when the browser crashes. After a few crashes, the browser somehow is able to load the report and everything is working fine. If I clear the cache of the browser and restart it, the problem comes back.

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Hi guys,


Since 10 August (the new release of the new workspace app) I realized that all my new "Publish"/"Update" app lost their background (at the report page level)

The background still shows in the workspace.



Dung Anh

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New Version Crashing when Refreshing

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by CatThomas Visitor on ‎10-19-2018 10:30 AM

Trying to refresh my data in a report that's worked fine for months, refreshing every other day to every day.  It now crashes, the refresh wait circle degrades until it freezes then Power BI just disappears.  It's been doing this since I downloaded the latest version yesterday.  Every now and then it will complete the refresh successfully, but it's been 4 times that's it's crashed so far this morning.  Something got "fixed" badly. 

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Issue with sharing function

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by ThomasDaSilva Frequent Visitor on ‎07-03-2018 05:49 AM



Since this morning i'm not able to share a report with someone.


This error keeps popping up everytime.

Issue sharing.PNG




Do you have any idea about the reason?


Thanks all

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 I have PowerBI connected to a CRM system, where we have list of projects and their locations. 


Then I have a map visual, which shows all projects, but for some reason not all projects are loaded on the map.

If however I manually go (select) through every item, I will see it on the map. 


Problem is very well ilustrated when file is uploaded on PowerBi online. 


Screenshot 1a - When I open the report this is initial view I see. 

Screenshot 1a.PNG


I am certain that not all projects are snown, so, to find which ones are missing, I manually click through the list with projects. 

I click through all projects and, when clicked individually, they are displayed on the map. 

After I have clicked through all projects and remove selection from idividual item, I can see all projects on the map - Screenshot 2a


Screenshot 2a.PNG


So the takeaway is, when report is opened, not all the items are loaded on the map, but when you force load them (click through every individual item), they are shown on the map and I can work properly with the report. 


Any ideas why this might occur? Perhaps reason is that list with project is in one table and locations are in table that is 2-relationships-table away? 


Best regards,


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Date bug with Sharepoint file sources

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by Sascha1 Frequent Visitor on ‎03-27-2018 02:40 AM

As mentioned in these threads:




PowerBI has a bug since the March release when it comes to reading files from Sharepoint and using the date fields provided by Sharepoint. This not only affects the desktop but also the service.

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The A-->Z sorting option is not working in Chart Visualizations in the May 2018 update.  Despite multiple attempts, the sort feature seems locked to Z--->A only.  


This is highly disruptive as all charts are now defaulting to Z--->A sorting and cannot be set to A--->Z.



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