Power BI Community and Privacy

When data is collected, we want to make sure it's the right choice for you. To help you as an end user and a participant of this community to exercise your Data Subject Request (DSRs) rights under General Data Protection Regulation we provide the following functionalities. The below sections explain step by step process on how you can view, edit and delete your personal data (customer data). To learn more about the data collected by Microsoft and it's use please view the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

View and Export personal data

To view all your data collected by Power BI Community:

  1. Navigate to Power BI Community (https://community.powerbi.com/)

  2. Sign in by clicking "Sign In" link.

  3. Once logged in, click on User Name and select "Profile" link.

  4. profile setting
  5. You can view all personal data related to your activity with the Power BI Community.

  6. activity with the Power BI Community
  7. You can navigate and edit items or save the pages through browser as needed.

  8. User can also export their personal data in json format using below steps:

    • Navigate to "My Settings".

    • personal data settings
    • Select "Personal information" from the left menu.

    • Personal information
    • Scroll to bottom of the page and click on Downloads links as indicated below:

    • click on downloads

In addition to personal data collected here, we also capture end user’s interaction with the service, which includes the following:

  1. Visits

  2. Visits per Geo

  3. Registration Date

  4. Most recent sign in

  5. Total sign ins

  6. Total minutes online

  7. Last visit IP address

  8. Last logged in IP address

  9. Roles

  10. Search Terms

  11. Device Type

  12. OS/Browser config data

  13. Page views

  14. Bulk Data Location

  15. Rank

  16. Badges earned

Personal data described above is controlled by the organization that owns your domain. You need to contact your organizational administrator to manage these personal data. Admins can put in export request through Microsoft provided Admin portal and a link will be available to them to download your data in less than 30 days.

Delete personal data

Personal data can be edited as mentioned above, but cannot be deleted unless you request for account closure for your Azure Active Directory account.

Account Closure

Upon closure of Azure Active Directory account, done by your organizational administrator, your account with Power BI Community is also closed and all personal data is deleted permanently.

Note: If you have not associated your AAD account with your community profile, or do NOT want to associate an AAD account, you can request to delete your personal data in the community by emailing the PBICommunityAdmin@microsoft.com alias. Our community managers will reach out to you for your community details and confirm once the request has been processed.

If you have questions or concerns around your personal data, you can always contact Microsoft by using our web form. We will respond to requests within 30 days.