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bug: error when viewer, builder tries to save report in powerbi service

We have users where we don't want them saving in a workspace, but we do want them to have access to the underlying data that's kept there.  I used the Access button in the workspace to make them a viewer, then on the dataset itself I used Manage Permissions ->Direct Acess to give them build capabilities on the data.  So the user is a viewer of the workspace, but a builder on the dataset that’s in the workspace.


When that user goes to -> datasets, and selects "create report" from the data set in question, it allows them to create a report just fine.  But when they try to save their report with file -> save it gives the error pasted below.  It does not give them the option to Save As.  How can they save their work without using desktop and without getting an error?


Activity ID: 5f24a5eb-ee9d-4446-9730-7b6841520115
Request ID: 4744823d-abed-4fd9-b9fe-4e858bcc2510
Correlation ID: e6a457b9-347e-913b-4a4a-1e3d69b70b63
Status code: 401
Time: Wed May 05 2021 15:07:25 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Service version: 13.0.16000.56
Client version: 2104.4.05896-train

Status: New
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For 'Viewer' role in workspace, they couldn't save a report, this is designed by default.




New Member

Thanks @v-lili6-msft  but I think I need to be more clear.  You are correct that they cannot save in *that* workspace if they are a viewer, but they should be able to save their work in a *different* workspace.  The program does not allow this though, since "save as" is not an option.  It only gives the option to save, then crashes.  My guess is that the developers need to open the option to "save as" to fix this bug.


In the meantime, until there's a solution we have to tell our org not to try to create reports using Power BI Service.  This little issue has big consequences for us.