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Error deleting report not possible

I created a report with the "save a copy" button. Since it was not what I wanted to do, I tried to delete the report again. This seems to be impossible. After clicking on delete, the report is hidden until an error message appears. If the page is reloaded before the error message pops up, the report reappears in the workspace, too. With browser analysis tool it is visible that an error with code 500 is triggered directly after clicking on delete, but the error message seems to pop up after a time out.

Can anyone help me?


Those are the error details:
Aktivitäts-ID: b9196b50-2efb-460a-94e4-7a5ac321bc01
Anforderungs-ID: b90eac7c-63f0-f314-6724-bf4de139fa72
Korrelations-ID: 51fbb927-912e-3868-9783-254195062889
Statuscode: 500
Zeit: Wed Jun 16 2021 09:18:58 GMT+0200 (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit)
Dienstversion: 13.0.16158.72
Clientversion: 2105.4.06405-train

Status: New
Community Support



That works fine for me. It might be a temporary issue. You may try it later again.