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Power BI Report Builder won't open after most recent update

Hi, Since updating Power BI report builder to the most recent version, I am unable to open the app. I get the below error message




Also, I am unable to open PowerBI desktop without error, I get the following message:




I have no idea what CustomerInsights module is, it certainly isn't something that I added to the report so I'm assuming it's an internal module by Microsoft. PowerBI desktop does open but it does not display any visuals or model.

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Resolver I

I have uninstalled Power BI Report Builder and reinstalled but this issue still persists.

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I saw the notification today to update from 15.6.1272.3 to version 15.6.1340.2 and proceeded to update.  I tried to create a new report starting from a blank template.  I tried to connect to a Power BI Dataset and was unable to login.  I tried clicking the signin button in the top right corner of the application and ran into the same signin error message.  


I opened a browser and verified that I could sign in using my email address and password.  I saw your post and wondered if this new build was completely bad.  I had the previous install file on my computer so I uninstalled the current version then installed the old version.  The old version already had me signed in and I don't have any issues connecting to my Power BI datasets.