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Enable R Script Visuals - Not saving setting

Using the July 2020 (x64, 2.83.5894.881) and earlier versions of PBI Desktop, I was able to enable R scripting visuals & have that setting saved within the .pbix file - allowing me to run scripts without interaction.


Subsequent versions of PBID have not saved the "Enable Script Visuals" setting, requiring me to interactively "Enable" scripting each time the file opens.



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@tdhood ,


Please refer to the solution in case below:



Jimmy Tao

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That is not a solution - changing this setting has no effect.


These are not custom visuals - I'm using the native "R Script Visual" that's included with PBI-D.




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This has got progressively worse. I use this version (2.95.804.0 64-bit July 2021) and my entire suite of R visuals is now useless. Stuck in a perpetual loop of "Enable Script Visuals" (click) followed by "Select to enable" on the actual visual (click) and I get redicrect to the original "Enable Script Visuals". If this isn't fixed I will have to re-develop countless R visuals using what exactly I don't know. The inbuilt Power BI visuals do little for what I need to show.