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Power BI Mobile App not loading dashboard

Dear Support,
We encountered an issue when open dashboard in power bi mobile app, the dashboard not showing/appear. 
We can only see the icon, after refresh sometimes dashboard appear but later not appear again. 
However in other account that we have this issue is not happening, we have 11 account of power bi pro, the issue happened in 5 account while the rest is working fine. 
Please find attached  is the screen shoot. 
Could you please help to solve the problem? please advice what need to be done. 
Best regards,
Bisrul sample screen in mobile appsample screen in mobile app
Status: New
Community Support



Similar issue has been reported: CRI 190487297.


We have a fix in 7.1 which should be deployed to production on 7/13, after that the customer needs to republish the app for the issue to go away.

New Member



Thank you for the information, will wait the deployment. 


Best regards,