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"Update Apps" refresh all security customizing on dataset

I use "Publish App" to share dashboard and report, it's great, and very simple to add or remove users. 


I had a new usecase, some users can see all tile and report except one tile (RH tile), I remarq that the user customize on App has been replicated on security dataset.


I remove on the RH dataset a part of users who didn't have access to RH and It's work.... Great... A locker appear for people who didn't have authorization.


Few days later, I change a report and I republish the App, and the customizing on dataset was destroyed... It's an issue or it's normal ?


"Publish App" and "security" are incompatible ?


Tank you for your help.

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Hi @dranny,


Do you mean these users can access HR tile after update app? 


Would you please share more information about " I remarq that the user customize on App has been replicated on security dataset."? 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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I add user "A" to the "App", and publish the "App" and I remark that this user will be add to "on manage access" on dataset on "Read on reshare".


I change the access, I remove for example the access on a dataset "HR" for this user "A". 


It's work fine, the user "A" can access to all the "report" except "HR".


I republish the "App", and the "access"  will be reinitialiaze. And the user "A" has access to "HR".




Hi @dranny,


Based on my research, when we publish the app and give the access for user "A", the user "A" will be added under Manage Permissions list for datasets automatically. Then the user "A" could see data when he/she views the related report or dashboard from the app. It means as long as we grant permission for the user to install the app, this user can see all contents in the app. 


It's not supported to publish the app (include report "HR") to many users included user "A" and don't want the user "A" see the report "HR". 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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 My issue is that we can change "Access" on dataset, and It's works. User "A" use App and can't see HR report.

When I republish this customizing deseapers... 


I try one other way using Row Level Security on HR Report. I create one role "HR" using a row on the Dataset to filter data, I add users on it except user "A" to this role.


When I tested with 'see report as' and enter user "A", it's works. I share this report with user "A", it's work...User "A" can't see data, it's work. User "A" use app and go to report and user "A" can see HR Data !!!


For me the is two issue :

* reinit "manage access" when we change and republish

* Row level security not used from app


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Any news ?

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That's all for this issue no more info since my reply... for me it's a bug... So fix it