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Usage metrics report generation

Hi there,


I am a Power BI Developer and don't have access to production reports. Everymonth I have to take each report usage metrics. Administrator login for me in my system to take the reports metrics. What other options I have as a developer to take production report usage without Adminstrator.


What I did:

I saved usage metrics as a new report and publish to me so I can see that from my login. But for one workspace, I can create one report. We have more than 7 worksapces and each have 3 or more reports. 


Is there  a way across workspaces in one report can I take the usage metrics?


Please suggest industry standard of taking usage metrcis process, so we can follow the same.




Status: New

Hi @Yoga,


To create a usage metrics report for the dashboard/report, we need to have edit access to that dashboard or report, and have a Pro license. In your scenario, you can suggest your admin granting your edit permission on these dashboards/reports. 


Besides, it's not supported to create a usage metrics report to cover all reports across workspace, you can vote on this same idea:


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu