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Reports are failing to refresh due to column formats suddenly?

Today has been weird. On top of the publishing issue, most reports I've attempted to use today in the desktop have been claiming there are changes that have not been applied when no one has made any and then failing to refresh because it says certain columns don't exist (they do) and/or cannot be converted to an integer (they shouldn't be nor are there query steps trying to do so.) A report that was fine Friday suddenly had 2 million errors in a single table because it didn't recognize any formatting or null values.


Has anyone else seen this?

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hi  @laurenm 

I would suggest you try to check the data in power query, as the error said, there should be something wrong in datasource.


you could filter data with a little data to create a small report to if it works.


if possible, share your sample pbix for us have a test, that will be a great help.