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Report tabs missing on shared dashboard

I have dashboard that links to a report with 5 tabs. I have shared this dashboard with users both within my orginazation and outside of it. I have been having issues with users (both internal and external) not seeing all 5 tabs. They are only seeing 2 of the tabs.


I have tried removing their access, and then regranting access and sending them a new link, but that does not solve the problem. They have logged out and logged back in but that does not solve the problem. They have tried accessing the dashboard from the share dashboard URL, the URL in the invite email, and by logging in direct to and then navigating to their dashboards, but these do not solve the problem.


Any ideas?

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I'm a little confused about your issue. Since tabs only exists in Report but not in Dashboard, do you mean that when user clicks the dashboard tile and is redirected to a report, the user can only see 2 tabs but actually the report has 5 tabs?


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Correct. There are two tiles on the dashboard, both linking to the same report (with 5 tabs). When a user clicks on either tile, they are redirected to the report, but only see 2/5 tabs.

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@v-haibl-msft Any updates on this?