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Problem to open an uploaded PBI Pagenated Report



I adquired the PRO account for 60 days to test Report Builder. I did creat and publish a report with sucessul, but when I try to open it in workspace, the error message below appears:


The credentials is like Pro. I did create a Workspace with premium capacity with I upload my file... Am I doing something wrong?

There was an error contacting an underlying data source. Manage your credentials or gateway settings on the management page. Please verify that the data source is available, your credentials are correct and that your gateway settings are valid.
ID da atividade: de26e1db-bf52-df6a-f41b-a31c5fdbfa9f
Solicitar ID: de26e1db-bf52-df6a-f41b-a31c5fdbfa9f
ID de Correlação: f01e03fc5a3a431c8191d72c664c5e33
Código de status: 200

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Community Support


First, make sure the Workspace must has premium capacity.

Second, from the error message, it seems that there is something with the datasource in manage gateway, please check it as below: