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Bug Fix request: Total Column in a matrix changes width (gets shrinked) when empty

'Total' column in a matrix is getting resized (shrinked) whenever report filtering results in a blank dataset (no data returned). Unfortunately the column stays shrinked even after data re-appear in a matrix, causing its layout to be damaged (field width is too small to fit the length of the number, causing number wrapping, rows taking extra space etc.). It's extremely annoying, because you have to manually correct 'Total' column width every time it happens.

This issue occurs even with 'Auto-Resize' option switched off, applies only to 'Total' column (regular columns keep their widths as they should)

Status: New
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I have tested on my side, it works well.

for example:

I insert a rectangle shape as a reference point.



when I filter out all the data results in a blank dataset, and it still works well after remove filter.


my power bi desktop Version: 2.90.782.0 64-bit (February 2021)


could you please share your sample pbix file for us have a test? that will be a great help.




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I have the same problem. It is really annoying. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hi Lin, I can't make my pbix file available right now, as it includes sensitive data. I hope the example screenshots may help:


Step 0 - my table looks like this:


Step 1 - slicer selection returns no data:


Step 2 - bring back previous slicer selection - my table looks like this:




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The way I fixed it is making sure the slicers do not have values for which we expect no rows.

As long as I make sure any filters applied via slicers yeild a non null row, the fixed columns stay.

I applied on each slicer measure not blank filter to ensure I always have a valid slections via slicers.

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I am having this issue as well and it is incredibly frustrating. I don't understand why turning off "auto-size column width" or disabling text wrap does not work for the totals. 


I've found older threads of this same issue, this needs to get resolved ASAP.