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PowerPoint Export failed



I have an error message when I want to export from PBI to PowerPoint a report (<15 pages).

Here is the message, and the error code is : -1 ; What it means? Is there a weight limit? Number of visuals limitation? ...

Exportation vers PowerPoint impossible
Nous n'avons pas pu exporter votre rapport dans un fichier PowerPoint
Réessayez plus tard ou contactez le support. Si vous contactez le support, fournissez ces informations.
ID d'activitéa967dc78-8b17-0069-3d95-f78f3ba46dec
ID de demande31e1527b-fa90-5643-6f4d-50ff990bbcb6
ID de corrélation33991dd6-fe34-c70e-8d61-92eca4863275
Code d'état-1
HeureWed Mar 21 2018 16:43:28 GMT+0100 (Paris, Madrid)

I'm with the pro trial version but some of the other reports can be exported well.


Thanks to help me


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Hi @TSX,


1. What kind of data connection is used?
2. Does the operation fail immediately or after several minutes?
3. Did this export ever worked before and now stopped working?
4. Will it be possible to share the pbix file with us?


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 

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Hi @v-qiuyu-msft and @Vicky_Song, thanks for your interest .


1. I don't know what kind of answer you expect so I'll try with my words : My report on desktop is link with 2 requests on the same cube (Olap I believe), 2 requests with data entered manually and directly in PBI Desktop and 2 little files Excel.

2. The operation fail after several minutes

3. I've made a lot of different versions with this files. For this exactly I don't know if it worked once but with one quite similar it already works and now not. I've tried to rebuild it directly in PBI Service using de "jeux de données" in french (database in english? the last item in my group) and it worked. But I changed the model and can't do that each time

4. There are some confidential data. I have to ask the permission with my boss.


Thanks a lot, and I hope I answer correctly to your questions.



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I've tried this week-end to export to PPT from my Mac computer and ... it's worked !

Today, back on office, I try : doesn't work ! 



I keep on searching on it


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to laugh I've tried to export from my AndroidPhone and its Chrome's app. And it works!

My colleague does it with her iPhone and it seems OK too...


Smiley Embarassed

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Hi everybody,


I tried sharing my 4G (LTE) mobile phone connexion to my pro computer and the export worked well.


So, I confirm that is a network issue.


If someone knows about that (configuration, security, etc...) and can give some advice