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Issue when publishing

I am receiving the following  report when trying to publish:

Identificador de actividad: 673441b6-b44d-446c-b03b-ad77ea577934
Identificador de la solicitud: 3a2fc3fa-5a30-3225-8514-d8bab6abaacd
Id. de correlación: 3a0faca4-2c18-543d-66d5-bb09dbf636e1
Código de estado: 404
Hora: Sun Oct 17 2021 22:03:25 GMT-0300 (hora de verano de Chile)
Versión del servicio: 13.0.16934.66
Versión del cliente: 2110.1.08076-train
URI de clúster:



Please advice on how to proceed. Thanks!


Status: Needs Info
Community Support

Hi @TerioBI2021 ,

Error code 404 usually means Not found. Please check whether the report could be accessed normally and the workspace works fine.

In addition, you can change to another report to publish again to check whether it was caused by the report or anything else.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

Community Support
Status changed to: Needs Info