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Font and font size formatting in text box reset to default when swiching between tabs in PBI Desktop

I have set my font to Arial and the size to 10 in my text box in Power BI Desktop.

When I swich between the tabs, the formatting is reset (and default is shown).


I have recorded the steps I have done. The steps can be found at this link: link

Status: Needs Info
Advocate I

I have this issue too - it is very annoying and makes reports look sloppy.  No matter how many times I change the formatting, once I leave the tab and go back, a section of the text box reverts back to the default formatting.  This happens across models (aka:  it is not isolated to a single corrupted .pbix model)


I hope they fix soon. 

Frequent Visitor

I am having the same issue.  It appears to be related to having bold text in the body of text.  I can  get away with a certain amount of bolding but then there is a tipping point.  If I keep the bold under a certain amount, I am fine. 


No this is not a fix.  It is a work around on a bug.


Please fix this.