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Emailing refresh failure notifications - choosing "These contacts" does not persist

There seems to be a new "feature" under the dataset's "Scheduled refresh" options. Now we have checkboxes for "Dataset owner" and "These contacts". However, only "Dataset owner" remains selected when applying changes and going back into the dataset settings.


So we've lost the ability to email to a distribution group.


Please fix this so "These contacts" remains selected and we can email to the contacts we enter.




Status: New
Community Support



 A similar issue has been reported: CRI 223793184, so stay tuned.   

New Member

A similar issue appeared - cannot set failure notification receipients list ( it works only for owner)

Regular Visitor

We have noticed the same problem. It's not possible to send the email to anyone other than the owner of the dataset.


18.02.2021: Issue seems to be fixed. We selected contacts and they remain, even if they are not the owner of the dataset.

New Member

We are having the same issue.  It's a bug that seems to have been introduced in the last month or so.  I had an older instance of PowerBI service open - before the second checkbox was added - and the email list works fine and is retained.