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Bug in Desktop, Version: 2.79.5768.721 64-bit (mars 2020) - Error when "Apply query changes"

I have some queries againt a Postregre Database, and prewiew in Power Query works fine, but when when I try to update it fail with this error message:

Apply query changes"

Queries Metadata:


Failed to save modifications to the server. Error returned: 'An unexpected error occurred (file 'tmsavepointvalidation.cpp', line 458, function 'TMSavePoint::VerifyProxyCreationAllowed').


I have never seen this error before... May be it has to do with the new feature enhanced metadata format?



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I had the same issue, and was able to fix by doing the following:

1. Save file as PBIT  (this replaces the internal DataModel file with a DataModelSchema file)

2. Rename the extension back to PBIX (so the file becomes usable again, but you lose the parameters)

3. Open the PBIX as zip (right-click, open as zip), delete the SecurityBinding files from the zip

4. Open the file and reload the data.


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I found the source of my error, not sure if it's the same with anyone else.


We had two tables with errors from a particular query, trying to move these to a different folder within the query editor or delete them entirely resulted in the error in this post.