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dropShadow json working on Desktop but not working on Service

Hi. I need to change my PBI UI to match the web site where it is embedded. My first idea was creating a json theme to match everything. Then I found the issue.

I'm having an issue with a json file for Power Bi Themes. The property "dropShadow" is not working in Power Bi Service. I can import the json in Desktop and I can see the new shadow configurated. However after I publish I check the Service and won't see a shadow there. All the properties are applied but the shadow isn't.

I tried several reports in different workspaces with different jsons. All with the same result. The shadow just won't be render in service. The worst part is that if you download the pbix from service the Desktop will see the shadow. It's crazy.


This is a small example of the shadow property:


{"name":"My Theme",
		"dropShadow": [{
                "show": true,
                "angle": 100,
                "color" : { "solid": { "color": "#8692A3" } },
                "position": "Outer",
                "preset": "Custom",
                "shadowBlur": 10,
                "shadowDistance": 10,
                "shadowSpread": 3,
		"angle": 45,
                "transparency": 70


 I have even tried with the most complete examples in github:

Those one won't work either.

I'm using the msi installer 2.83.5894.961 64-bit (july 2020). I have checked the forum for topics like this one:

The july version doesn't work for me.


I'm sure it's not a json problem because it is working fine in desktop.

Hope next power bi release can help me.

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@ibarrau ,


Have you cleared the browser cache and tried different browsers? 



Jimmy Tao

Super User II

Of course. A friend has found it. I have tried with different browsers, datasets, workspaces and VMs. The shadows won't come up if they are configurated by json file.