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Unable to trace back PowerBi Activity (ViewReport) to the GatewayLogs

Hello Team,


I am working on tracking the activities on the PowerBI service like Viewing the report to the queries that the report triggered on the gateway. 

To start with, I used the Admin REST API to get the activity for the specific time and user. I found the 'View Activity' on the report, I visited in that timeframe. The API call returns a lot of information about the report, workspace, requestID, etc.


Thereafter in looked into the GatewayLogs for QueryExecutionReport/QueryStatReport. I could identify the query that came from that Report (referenced above) around the same time as activity time. But the requestID on the GatewayLogs are not same as on the PowerBI Admin API call for activities.

Kindly help me in identifying the traceability from PowerBI services to Gateway.


Additional Information: Data Source is SSAS server and On Prem Gateway is used to allow the interaction between SSAS and PowerBi Reports.

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Community Support

Hi @nimishnagpal13 ,

Which Admin rest API you are using in this issue? The below one or anything else?


Consider sharing more details about this issue.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Yingjie Li

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I am trying to relate the powerBI activity with the Gateway logs. Please suggest what is the relationship between these 2 logs.


Report Name: KPI

Datasource : Analysis Server (On Prem SSAS)

Gateway : On prem GatewayCapture.PNG


Let me elaborate on my actions.

I viewed this report today and now looking at the Get Activity- Admin API  to find my VIEW activity on PowerBI Services. Found one here



Since this report is on On-Premises Analysis Server, the Gateway should receive the query triggered by the report. Now looking at the gateway log. I found the queries as well that were triggered.


Now, none of the ID available in the gateway matches the IDs available in the Activity logs from the powerBI Services.

Kindly suggest how to map these 2 logs with each other.

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Hello @v-yingjl


Do you have an update on the above issue?





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