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Unable to connect to Oracle database

I am trying to connect to our Oracle database but I keep getting this error:


Error Message:

Container exited unexpectedly with code 0x00000000.

Used features: (none).


 I am not sure what is wrong, we installed the oracle client and the database connection seems to be good when is tested on the command window.


Can you please help me solve this?

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Community Support Team

Hi @Amro8 ,


Please test if it can connect to Oracle database successfully from Excel.

Clear all permissions cached in Power BI desktop and establish the connection again.

Update your desktop to the latest one (2019 May version) for a try.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu


Hello @v-yulgu-msft ,


Thank you for replying. I am getting the same error using Excel. I cleared all the permissions BI and that is not working too.




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Community Support Team

Hi @Amro8 ,


That case, there might be something wrong on Oracle side. You may contact the Oracle admin to check if anything is changed on Oracle DB, if any limitation is added, if your account has enough access to Oracle DB.


Best regards,

Yuliana Gu