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Stacked Column Charts Stopped working today in pre-existing dashboard/Reports

The stacked column charts stopped working in existing dashboards and reports.  all other reports, grids etc seem to be working fine.  Datasource is SSAS MD cube.  I have confirmed that there is data at the intersection in the cube that is included in the reports.  Report was created from dataset online and not from desktop power bi. 



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Same Issue for us... since today.But we created Reports for PBI Desktop.

I've tried to create a new report with stacked column charts from strach, without sucess.


Note that is still working on IPhone App


I have the same issue on PBI reports to SSAS. Stacked charts doesen't even work on iPhone app for me at least. Works in PBI desktop, but not when published.

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Confirmed since today, it's not working on IPhone App also.



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We have the same problem with stacked charts . No error- The chart just disappears. SSAS Multidimensional. 


Hi all,


I would like to collect detail information before I report the issue internally. 


1. Please share the SSAS cube version and which connection you made (Import or Connect Live)

2. Run the Fiddler with Decrypt HTPS traffic enabled, then repeat the steps to reproduce the issue, save and share .saz file with us. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu 



I am using SSAS 13.0.4446.0 with Connect Live. I am unable to provide you with fiddler data.

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I confirm on SSAS multidim, I have the same problem !

Any time I add a legend, the graph is no longer displayed. please correct ASAP !

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I'm using SSAS MD version 11.0.6251.0.  Is ther someone I can send the fiddler file to directly I really don't want to share it on here.


Same issue for us, please prioritize this bug if possible, we have lots of users screaming about this issue.
We are using SSAS Multidimensional as source and all existing graphs with stacked column charts have stopped working and we cant find any solution to it. This must have been due to some update recently.

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Our SSAS MD version 13.0.1601.5. Live Connection


I have send a trace file by email to our support ticket.


Could you please give us a update on this issue. We are waiting for a Fix since 5 Days nows!