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Scatter Plot Bubble size issue

I've been using Power BI desktop for visulaization of data in scatter plot. the problem is, the data I have is in million and billions of entries. so while visualizing it over the scatter plot, the bubbles of scatter plot often overlaps because of thier size even when the size is set to 0. is there any way to squeeze the size of the bubble more even it looks like a simple dot. so that the visualization can be a bit understandable and demonstrable? Thank you.

Status: New
Community Support Team

Hi @Hamza_Javaid,


That won't be an easy work to display millions of entries. I would suggest you create an idea here. The following snapshot only shows 2000 bubbles, which is very crowd.



Best Regards,



 Hey @v-jiascu-msft . Thank you for your suggession! I would like to ask that is there any custom visual built already that may solve this problem? so that i can use them?