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Reports are not loading

Location: North Europe

Publised Reports not loading at all - only blank pages.


Would be lovely if Microsoft would update the service status if this is a widespread issue. I am being run down by colleagues now.



Status: Accepted

Same issue here NOrway (north europe)

Occasional Visitor

Same issue in Hungary.

Occasional Visitor

Same issue in London. Could we please get an ETA for a solution?


Same problem in France.


Always a pleasure to read the "Everything is going smoothly" then to see that people started to complain more than an hour ago to signal it is not as smooth as announced ...


Also in Italy I have the same problem.

Frequent Visitor

Same here in germany!

Frequent Visitor

Running here in NL on North Europe. Same issue, would also be a bit more reassured when Microsoft acknowledge these issues sooner.

My error: The last refresh attempt failed because of an internal service error.


Same Issue, Slovenia.

+1, same problem in the Netherlands.


+1 also not loading in Belgium