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Newly published dashboard tiles can't load in a shared application

New dashboard tiles can't load when loading the dashboard in published application. However, the referenced report visual is loading correctly. The issue is not happening for the workspace author but only for authorized users in the application format. 


Tiles are empty with a grey Power BI logo. The dashboard status bar states that the page is refreshing without being able to do it.


I tried to fix the issue doing multiples actions:

  • Create a new dashboard
  • Create a new report/dataset
  • Change the pinned visual
  • Change the user
  • Change the application from organisational to private
  • Update the on-premise gateway, 

The only way I found to bypass the issue is to share the dashboard to the user (instead of going through the application publish). Then opening the dashboard in the "Shared with me" menu. Then going back to the dashboard in the application.







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What do you mean  by "authorized users in the application format" and "application publish"? Do you publish apps in Power BI Service?


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Hello @v-yuezhe-msft,


Yes I publish apps in Power BI Service.



Do you add new tiles in the dashboard after you publish apps in Power BI Service? Could you please describe the detailed steps so that I can repro?


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Here are the steps:

  1. Take an existing workspace that has already been published in an app.
  2. In the workspace, delete and recreate an existing report visual that is also in a dashboard.
  3. In the workspace, pin the newly created visual into the already linked dashboard.
  4. In the workspace, open the linked dashboard, remove the deleted visual tile and replace it by the new one you pinned in the last step.
  5. Publish the app
  6. Connect to Power BI Service with an another account (it has to be a user that is not authorized in the workspace, but can consult the app).
  7. Try to load the dashboard from the app.


I am unable to reproduce this issue on my side.

I re-create a new visual in the App workspace and pin it to dashboard, then delete the old tile in dashboard and update the apps.

The end users are able to view the new pinned dashboard tile.


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@egagnon  I have this same issue!  Did you ever find a fix or determine the cause?