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Matrix Conditional Formatting problem


I have matrix consisting of values between [No Value] - 100. I want to apply conditional formatting to show Red colors to 0.01 and white color at 0. But i cannot get it to work if i type in my numbers.

If i select formatting like this:

Minimum - Number - 0.1

Center - Middle Value

Maximum - Highest Value


it stops rendering colors completely. If i type all value as numbers then cells with NO VALUES(not zero) render as lowest possible even when it should stop at 1 or 0.1.


Is there a fix for this?

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I’m not very clear about your requirement. For following table, what are the colors do you want to be shown in them?


Matrix Conditional Formatting problem_1.jpg


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I think have a similar problem.  I need to simply set a fixed color at a fixed threshold.  In other words, all values 1 and above show as Green, and all values up to 0.99 show as white.  No need for gradient color gradually fading into a middle value and then to the upper value.


I thought this should be quite straightforward.  We may need to create a case and get voting.

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Any one could help on this:


I need color coding in matrix with values >=60 as Green and <60 as Red.
I am getting fixed colors for fixed number instead of a range of values.
Please help!



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Thats partially what i was requesting. Good idea to raise some issue