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Datasource credentials not unique per dataset

It seems as though each datasource for the same server-db combo cannot be unique to a dataset.


I have 2 different reports, 2 different datasets, pointing to the same server-db, with different credentials. It seems as though this is not possible.


So my problem is as follows:

Report A with dataset A with Datasource for server x and db y.

Report B with dataset B with Datasource for server x and db y.


When I change the credentials for the Datasource for dataset A to user "user1" and "password1", the credentials for dataset B's datasource seem to make the same change.


Does anyone have any insight into this? Is this not possible?


PS. I did have datasets with the same server-db with different credentials for a while, and It worked fine. It seems as though this is a change that occurred recently. 


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Each user can only have one set of credentials per data source, across all of the data sets they own. You may also create a support ticket for assistance if necessary.

New Member

I have the same problem but with a bigquery datasource. Seems that only a datasource per type(bigquery,db,etc..) is allowed an each new dataset points to the same datasource.


It could be very useful if multiple datasources of the same kind could be configured.