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Data colors change when filter is added



I have created a report with multiple visualisations. I have assigned colors to each subtype in the visualisations. However, after having published the report to the online workspace and added filters in the report, the data colors change. Why is that?


I can't reproduce the issue in Power BI Desktop only from the online workspace.

Status: New

Hi @liselystlund


How did you create the report in Power BI desktop? Please share detail steps with us, so we can try to create a same report to test it. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu


Hi Qiuyun,


Yes, the report is created in Power BI desktop and afterwards published to Power BI Service (nothing is changed or created through the online workspace). The filters doesn't change anything, when they're activated in Power BI Desktop. It only happens when I'm filtering in the published report.


Best regards,