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Dashboards Tiles are not refreshing despite direct connection in report



I am facing a situation that apparently goes against what documentation states. 



> Power BI report live connected to an SSAS trhough the enterprise gateway. 

> Report (cache) is refreshed every 15 minutes as configured:


> Report visual pinned into a dashboard, however visual data is not refreshed (see screenshots below at two different states):


It caught my attention that the dashboard tile details it states: "Direct query mode false", I expected to be the opposite?


Would you please clarify what's happening behind the scenes??


As requested this are tile details:

Technical details for tile
If you are experiencing issues with the tile, visit the support page or contact support. If you contact support, please provide these details.
Tile Id5915069
Query hash5757135316571110000
User Object Ide92bfe22-da57-402a-abc8-dd8a20a50c29
Dashboard Id2317457
Model Id1299011
Model last refresh time{FieldValue}
Model last refresh status0
Model next refresh time15/6/2018 9:05:01
On prem model connection stringProvider=MSOLAP.5;Data Source=XXXXX;Initial Catalog=Cube Crewing;Cube=Model
Direct query modefalse
Is refreshed by content providerfalse

Kind regards,

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Please click on the dashboard tile and go to the report, check if the same visual has the data updated. 


Best Regards,
Qiuyun Yu

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Good morning Qiuyun Yu,


Thanks very much for the feedback.


When I click on the dashboard tile and I am redirected to the report I see the expected (updated) data. As I said, report is using a live connection to SSAS.


Afterwards, when I go to the dashboard page again and refresh the page I also see the expected data on the tile. It also works (get's refreshed) if I click on refresh dashboard tiles.


However, as I said, I expected data to be automatically refreshed every 15 minutes and that is not the case (it is only refreshed when either going to the underlying report or pressing refresh tiles).


Can I provide you any more data / logs?


Kind regards,

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Please, issue remain and we need a clarification on the topic. As described initially, dahsboard tiles are not AUTOMATICALLY refreshed if the underlying report is connected to an SSAS with live connection.

If this is not the place to open bug tickets please let me know where should I address the topic. If you need more details let me know as well.

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Good afternoon @v-qiuyu-msft,


Any feedback regarding this issue? Would you please let me know what is the correct channel to report this situation?


Thanks in advance,