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Custom Column editor in Power Query stops showing text

This happens in the Power Query editor of the desktop. Has happened before, but seems more common on the April/May 2020 builds. Only fix is to close and reopen Power Query. Closing the Custom Column box does not fix it.


20200524 Power Query Error.gif

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Community Support

@edhans ,


I used May version to test but could not reproduce the issue on my side. Have you checked the display setting?




Jimmy Tao

Super User II

My display settings are not the issue @v-yuta-msft - I've seen this happen on 3 different computers from different manufactures. It is hard to reproduce and I suspect something internal in how Power BI is rendering and running out of resources in some way. In this particular example the issue manifested itself within 15min of creating a new file and getting to work. I've seen it happen after being in the Power Query editor for many hours, and on most occassions, it never shows up in a work session. 


But it does show up enough to be frustrating, and thus I thought I'd report it.