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Bug: Query Groups shattered, all Queries set to Enable Load

I've struck this bug 3 times now with the Sep 22 build, different machines, different PBIX files. When I open a PBIX file with Query Groups, the queries that were in groups have all been moved into the Other Queries group, and every query has been set to Enable Load. It's not happening 100% of the time, but 3 times in about a week is maybe 10-20% of the time.


I'm hoping the Sep 30 build fixes it, but as the silent builds are never even announced, let alone detailed with Release Notes (like any mature product would do), that could be just me clutching at straws.

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Community Support

@mike_honey ,


I could not reproduce this issue on my side. Could you please share more details? If this issue persists, I would suggest you revert back to the old versions temporarily. You can download the older versions here



Jimmy Tao

Power BI Team

Hi @mike_honey I'm trying to investigate this issue and would really appreciate some more details. 


  1. Does it always happen for certain PBIX files, or is it only some of the time?
  2. Have you noticed anything common between the sessions where this happens? (i.e., only on double-click vs file > open, only on reports where this is the first time you've opened the report in the Sept version, only happens on reports that were previously saved with unapplied changes, same datasource/connectors, etc.)
  3. Does the yellow "unapplied changes" warning bar show up immediately on open? If so, does clicking "Discard changes" fix it?
  4. Are your query groups nested, or just a single level?
  5. Do you use different Windows/Power BI Desktop/Data cultures (other than English)?
  6. Have you ever used external tools, or otherwise externally modified any of the impacted reports?
  7. Do you use the MSI/exe, or the Microsoft Store? 


Any other details you might have could be really helpful! Or if you see it again, if you're able to collect the PBI Desktop traces and share them with me that would also help us figure this one out!




Power Participant

Hi Megan,


Thanks for your interest. Lots of questions, I'll try my best to answer:

1. Certain PBIX files, all of the time.  I have one I can open on multiple machines, September 22 or 30 build, always shows the issue.

2. Nothing obvious on common features of the sessions. 

3. Yes "unapplied changes" warning bar shows up immediately. If I click "Discard changes", the queries then appear fixed in the Query Editor - they are restored to their Query Groups and the Enable Load settings are set correctly on those that were not enabled.  This seems a viable workaround.
4. Mix of single and multi-level nested groups. The multi-level nested groups were generated, typically by Combine Files wizard from a SharePoint Folder. I have one file with only one single-level group, showing this issue.
5. Just English

6. I don't believe so. Multiple authors so hard to be certain, also some files have been developed over years.
7. I use MSI/exe in all environments, but some co-authors use Microsoft Store.


I've uploaded the trace files here:!AmLFDsG7h6JPgo0w5EaiTkQ2DBU2Fw


Thanks, Mike

Power BI Team

Thanks @mike_honey 


Are you able to DM me the PBIX that repros the issue?

Frequent Visitor

Same issue happened to me today 😞

Luckily it's only one PBIX-file that is affected..




Power Participant

@sebbayard - did you try that workaround (Discard Changes) ?

Frequent Visitor

@mike_honey - yes, and when I do a pop up window with all queries appears and Power BI freezes. 


Frequent Visitor

The exact same thing happened several times with me.

I noticed a pattern. I'm working on a query (SAP BW) to which I don't have appropriate authorization. So I did the requested changes and saved the file, closing the query editor without applying, and saved in SharePoint for a colleague that do have the authorizations but not the PBI expertise to apply the changes.

When he downloaded the file though, the query folders and load/not load status was gone from all queries (quite a few queries are staging only and not loaded to the file). I checked my copy after saved and synced with the cloud and it was the same thing.

New Member

Same issue as well. Multiple times when leaving a pbix without applying changes, all queries go to "Other Queries" and become "Load Enabled". On September version.

Regular Visitor

It has also happened to me when saving and closing a file without applying Power Query changes.

If you discard changes, you lose the last changes made in Power Query, but at least you keep the groups.