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Share your thoughts on DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Azure Analysis Services (preview)

Hit Reply and let us know what you think of the DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Azure Analysis Services.  To learn more about this feature, please visit this blog post or our documentation.


Here are some areas that we'd like to hear about in particular:

  • Performance
  • Query editor experience--the remote model query doesn't show up in the query editor and only in the data source settings dialog. What are your thoughts?
  • Navigator experience
  • Thoughts around governance and permissions for models that leverage this feature
  • Nesting models, i.e. building a composite model on top of a composite model
  • Automatic page refresh for live connect in composite models

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your feedback!


- The Power BI Modeling Team

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Thanks for this, I've just started getting the same bug and couldn't work out what it meant - for me it happened when I tried to build a new report on top of the working model, any refresh of the new one hit this error message, while the old one carried on working.  

No problem. That's why I shared. 👍

New Member

While we understand that a developer would require build access to all datasets in the chain, it is unclear to us why a reader would also require build access to all datasets in the chain (why not just read access). To us this is the main reason why we cannot use this -otherwise great- feature at this point as this way we would not be GDPR compliant. Will this change? Or is there perhaps a workaround?

thanks for the feedback - yes, this will change. Readers will just need view permission.

Can you share where this is on the roadmap? Thanks

sure - this is the major blocker for us to declare this feature general available. More news to follow soon on the blog.

Do we have any news regarding not using the construction issue in PRO?

nothing to announce, but we are still working on it and it looks on track.

Hi! This solution also interests us a lot, do we have any news?

this was launched on April 4th: Please note that this is for Premium and PPU for now.

Hi - really pleased when this blog announcement came out.  I had every user who needed access to anything as a Member of the Premium workspace.  I've changed them all to Viewers but now multiple users are only seeing an error on any visualisation from 1 'base' dataset that's part of the composite model.  They can see visualisation from the others datasets that make up the model in the same reports, just not that one.  That report set is published by another user, from a SQL database, to the workspace.  Is this a known exception or should I open a support ticket?Example.jpg


please open a support ticket as this is not supposed to happen.

Good afternoon! How cool, our licensing here at the company is PRO, do you imagine that the resolution of the technical problems reported to enable the solution for PRO should be resolved soon?

"soon" is a relative term and I cannot give any timelines. However, we are working on it.

How can I be notified when this is done?

monitor the blog ( or social media 🙂

Frequent Visitor

Hi Team,


Getting the below message while trying to link 2 tables in one dataset to a date dimension held in another dataset.  Any plans to allow this behavour? or how would you suggest completing what would be a common scenario for us?






No, this will not be supported. Either split your dataset your trying to relate into two or bring the hared dimension (DimDate) into both and leverage synced slicers. Also, I'd recommend watching SQLBI's video on this preview feature as well

Do you have a link to this video?

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Are there any plans for support for calculation groups where a query is running in retail mode and the calculation group is defined on the remote model?


Almost all enterprise models will contain a calculation group for Time Intelligence that users are well accustomed to using. Alternatively would it be possible to show an error rather than an incorrect value where the measure contains both wholesale and retail execution and will therefore show unexpected results?

In that way the use of the calculation group won't return incorrect results. 


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