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Data Model Entity Relationship documentation

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Does anyone know of a way of extracting the Realtionship view from PBI desktop into an Entity Relationship diagram client. ?


I am talking about th eview as seen at the top of this blog posting of @David Iseminger




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Re: Data Model Entity Relationship documentation

Haven't worked with a client like that before, but if it would take in a table with the relationships, the new TMSCHEMA_RELATIONSHIPS DMV would do the job:

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Re: Data Model Entity Relationship documentation



What is the Entity Relationship diagram client you mentioned above? It seems that PBI doesn’t have such a function which can export the relationship view to other software. You can take a look at the document provided by ImkeF to see if it meets your requirement. And please vote this similar idea if it is the same idea as you.


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Re: Data Model Entity Relationship documentation

Hi @v-haibl-msft and thanks to @ImkeF for your continuous contribution to this community blog with fantastic links to great blog postinfs.

Yes @ImkeF documentation is cool but i was more after exporting to the likes of Visio or even Lucidcharts.

Meanwhile i added a vote to your 'idea' and manually created the Entity relationship :-(