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New Member

Can't assign a capacity to workspace via API, 401 Unauthorized

I have a user, with whom I can assign a capacity on in settings -> premium.

I also have an azure app with all delegated permissions (embed for customer scenario).

I programatically clone the workspace, refresh dataset and the last step should be assigning a capacity for the workspace. returns  


 id": "some id",
 displayName": "Premium Per User - Reserved",
 admins": [],
 sku": "PP3",
 state": "Active",
 capacityUserAccessRight": "Assign",
 region": "North Europe",
 users": []


But when I use the returned capacity id in body request for this endpoint:, I get 401 Unauthorized. 

What can be the issue here? Running out of ideas

New Member

The problem persists, any ideas? 

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