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error in join





Error in joining two tables

error1.pngError while Cross Jointab1.pngTable onetab2.pngTable two

Error in join




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Re: Error in joining two tables

Hi Satish,


Can you please repost the screenshots. I can not see anything in the screenshots.

Thanks & Regards,

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Re: Error in joining two tables

@BhaveshPatel i already posted the new screen shot.

with new post "Error in Join" just a few seconds earlier.

LuisQuedas Regular Visitor
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Re: error in join

Hi Satish,


Do this two tables already have a bidirectional relationship between them? if so, try to remove that bidirectional relationship and try the crossjoin again.


Cheers, Luis

Re: error in join

@LuisQuedas Nothing Changes it is showing same error.

Re: error in join

It looks like both tables in your CROSSJOIN have a column named 'No_'.


This is not allowed, because the returned tables would have two columns with the same name.


Try to restrict the number of columns that participate in the CROSSJOIN operation with a GROUPBY / SUMMARIZE or use SELECTCOLUMNS to rename some columns.

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Re: error in join



As the error message said, "No_" column exists in both tables. When using CROSSJOIN() function, column names from table arguments must all be different in all tables or an error is returned. Otherwise it can't do Cartesian. Please verify the columns in both tables. If both contains "No_" columns, you can join these to tables using "Merge Queries" in Query Editor.