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Visualizations not displaying

I am running the 2.31.4280.361 64-bit version of Power BI Desktop.


I cannot see any visuals. Not on new or exisiting projects. All I can see on the visuals is words that hold places for where to move your visuals.


The data and relationship areas display properly.


I have uninstalled power bi desktop, rebooted the machine, then reinstalled Power BI desktop multiple times. Same results.


What I see going down the left hand side is:






1. Values

1. Drag data fields here


Page Level Filters

Drag data fields here

Report level filters

Drag data fields here





Does anyone have any ideas on what is causing this. I have submitted a "Frown".



Regular Visitor



Running the latest PowerBI Desktop version, I removed the key as per Paulf recommendation. That didn't work, the problem persisted. Recreating this .css key with just these 2 values resolved the problem for me.


After suffering this problem for over 2 months, this is truly a welcomed quickfix. Microsoft needs to do better than this.

I have the same issue. PowerBI displays fine on my laptop monitor and shows as a black window on the external monitor. Removing the CSS key from the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT section (almost) solves this problem. When I start PowerBI I have to make sure it launches on the laptop display, after that I can drag the program to the external monitor. The other way around will not work.

As soon as I recreate the CSS key with the recommended values the problem is back.

For now I will work without the CSS key in the registry until a more permanent solution is available.


Windows 10 64 bit

BI Version 2.33.4337.281

@moonsjine, do you see the original issue for this post in the latest Power BI Desktop (Report view doesn't have correct styling) ? The recommended CSS registry keys shouldn't be necessary anymore as we have moved away from the registry keys.

There have been some reports of Black Screen which we were thinking is a separate issue. Its best to discuss it as a new topic for public visibility. It is interesting to hear that the CSS registry keys may be affecting it, did you send a frown about this issue ?

Just found that the fix didn't make it into the public released update. Very sorry about that. We will ensure that the fix is included in the next update.

Thank you very much indeed for the fix version 2.32.4307.522. Power bi desktop worls again


Power BI Team
Power BI Team

We released a new version (2.31.4280.601) of the PBI Desktop yesterday. We believe that this issue should be fixed in this build. Please let us know if you still experience this issue.



Still broken Smiley Sad



Thanks for trying! An engineer from our team will reach out to you to get more details on this issue...




@AlexGorev I have a help desk ticket submitted and Travis Neyens has been assigned to help me resolve this issue.


I do not know if you want to reach out to him. I have sent to him the log of the problem.

@AlexGorev @paulf Any movement on this issue?

@excelmjr Last dealings I've had is I sent over details of all registry accesses when PowerBI loads from a working account and a non-working account to a developer.  Not heard anything since.

We are investigating the issue at the moment and will get back to you. Sorry for the inconvinience.

@excelmjr @akjana


I've fixed it.


@excelmjr - by any chance do you have Dreamweaver installed?  Or another app associated with CSS files?  Or a virtualised app using App-V or SCCM?


Try this:


Open regedit.exe


Look under HKEY_USERS - you should see your user hive which will look something like HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-xx-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxx


...directly underneath that, there should be a key with the same name, but it will have _Classes appended to it.  i.e.:




Expand that, and look for a folder called ' .css '


...delete it.


PowerBI should now work.


As always when modifying the registry, you should take a backup first.  You can export the key by selecting it then right-click then 'Export'.

@paulf @akjana @AlexGorev


That is great. However, with my system I do not have those programs installed. The only place where there is a .css file under HotKey_Users is .DEFAULT/Software/Microsoft/VisualStudio/10.0_Config/Languagues/File Extensions/.css


I do NOT think that you are suggesting I delete that. 

 Regedit css.PNG


It is great that you got it fixed. Hopefully, this will lead the people helping me to a solution.





You need to be looking here under 'Classes' -




...and under there, there should be a key called '.css':




...which is the part to delete.


You can export a copy before you delete for backup purposes by right clicking on it then -> export.






I see - how about under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT?  Is there a .css under there?  I have one which is assigned to Visual Studio, but that one is not causing problems (see pic).




@paulf Under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT I do have a .css. I have 3 sub folders OpenWIthList; OpenwithProdids; and PersistentHandler.


The one you do not have is OpenWithList and under that is dreamweaver.exe.

@excelmjr - aha.  I would suggest backing up that key (right click -> export -> save) then deleting it, then trying PowerBI.


You can re-import the key if you need to by using File -> Import.


I think we are making progress. I am seeing "white background" first before going away.


  1. But deleting just that line.
  2. Still had the same problem.
  3. Rebooted, Still had the same problem.
  4. Deleted the folder.
  5. Still had the same problem
  6. Rebooted.
  7. Still had the same problem.

I see dreamweaver.exe in lots of places. Maybe one of those is a problem?

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