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Dynamic Top 10 and Other Power BI desktop on Tabular model



I already spoke with @OwenAuger and his solution from the topic Because that topic was closed, I opened this topic. I want to use it like his example:


But function like Except doesn't work with Power BI desktop if you use a Tabular model. Also variables are not possible. Otherwise this could also be a solution:


@OwenAuger came with a solution that I tried and this works:


Sales Amount Other Total Only =
IF ( NOT ( ISFILTERED ( Sales[Customer] ) ); [Sales Amount Other] )


I saw in your example that it has totals and every else is empty, but in my example everything is empty even the totals. I used your example: Sales Amount Other NO EXCEPT WITHOUT VARIABLES.


The formula works:

Uitval Top Overig = CALCULATE([Selected Top N Value];

ALL('ANG Fouten'[LPP_NAME]);
TOPN([Selected Top NNumber]; ALL('ANG Fouten'[LPP_NAME]);[Selected Top N Value]);'ANG Fouten'[LPP_NAME];'ANG Fouten'[LPP_NAME])


But there is also a formula to get only the total of the other group:


Uitval Overig Totaal =
IF (( NOT( ISFILTERED ( 'ANG Fouten'[LPP_NAME] ) );[Uitval Top Overig]))


And that formula doesn't work / gives a empty result. @OwenAuger Can you help me with this?



Or has somebody else an other solution?


Regards, Hilbert




Hi @Hspuybroek,


In order to change the Expect function with some other possible methods, please replace the highlighted part with below formula:


Sales Amount Other = 
    [Sales Amount],
            TOPN (COUNTROWS(Sales)- [TopN Selection], ALL ( Sales[Customer] ), [Sales Amount],ASC )



Please check whether above advice works in your scenario.


Yuliana Gu

Community Support Team _ Yuliana Gu
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Top and other.PNGOnly top.PNG


Hi @v-yulgu-msft



Thank you, like the solution that i mentioned this will work. But I want only the total and that will not work combining with in my case the LPP name see screen above.


But after adding the LPP name I don't see my other category back. That is what i want.


To get the total of the other category i did the following:


Uitval Overig Totaal =
IF (( NOT( ISFILTERED ( 'ANG Fouten'[LPP_NAME] ) );[Sales Amount Other]))


And then later:


Uitval Top & Overig =
IF (
    HASONEVALUE ( 'Top en Overig'[Top_soort]);
    SWITCH (
        VALUES ( 'Top en Overig'[Top_soort] );
        "Top"; [Uitval Top];
        "Overig";[Uitval Overig Totaal]
    [Selected Top N Value]


But the Catergory Overig is empty because I don't get any total in the Uitval Overig Totaal measure. Do you have any solution?


Thank you!


Regards, Hilbert





Do you have a solution?

Hi @Hspuybroek


I haven't yet had a chance to re-look at this one - will read through this thread properly and get back to you.





Owen Auger

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Hi @OwenAuger That would be great!


Sorry for delay in replying - have read your question and would be easier to answer with a sample model to figure out what is going on.

Do you have one you can upload?

Owen Auger

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I was on vacation, that is the reason for my late response. Here is the link to the dashboard:


The folder formules contains the calculation that i have used. I hope that you can see something with a tabular connection as a source.


Regards, Hilbert

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