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hayls Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Adding work days and work hours to a date to determine the "Due by" KPI



I know this topic has been posted about before, but I can't find the exact calculation that I'm looking for, and I a new user, so appreciate your patience.


I have a data set which has a "CASE CREATED" date/time in this format; 30/07/2018 02:02:34 PM

Depending on the Case, there is a KPI of working day or hours i.e. 7 working days, or 1 hour. Ive create a coloumn in the same table called KPI which has these values stored as a duration (i.e. 7.00:00:00 or 0.1:00:00)


The end game is to analyse whether the KPI was met. I have the actual dates in a seperate table

Therefore, I was trying to create a coloumn "CASE DUE" which would be the CASE CREATED plus the KPI.


I have a seperate Date table created with a WorkDay field (1 = workday and 0 = non = workday).

I just dont know how to add the CASE CREATED to the KPI but consider the work days element.



I'm just unsure how to add the 

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Adding work days and work hours to a date to determine the "Due by" KPI

Hi hayls,


Have you built a relationship between table 'CASE CREATED' and another seperate table? Could you post some sample data and clarify more details for further analysis?



Jimmy Tao

hayls Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Adding work days and work hours to a date to determine the "Due by" KPI

Here are screen shots of the source tables. There is a relationship between the dates in Power BI


Cases.PNGCase tableDates.PNGDates table

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