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BUG? LOOKUPVALUE() limited to 5,999 matches

Background: Trying to fill-in ID values from a table [approx 11k rows] with another table [approx 11k rows] using LOOKUPVALUE(). Upon checking the results I noticed there were roughly half missing values (that I knew existed). I created the relationship between the two tables (1-1) and rechecked: still missing matches. When I looked at the exact count of the matches, it was 5,999 - very peculiar. It looks like DAX has a limit on LOOKUPVALUE() for a table - which is disturbing. I was able to switch over to using the RELATED() function since I had a relationship between the two tables.



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Re: BUG? LOOKUPVALUE() limited to 5,999 matches

Hi djohnson:


I was also working with that formula but for a different goal.


Seeing what you say I think that creating a relationship and Related formula should be enough to match both tables and get what you want.


If you cannot use Relate for a problem with the relationship and the Cross filter direction maybe you can use "USERELATIONSHIP" sometimes it helps to calculate something when it is not fully connected in both sides.


Good luck!