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Enable drill through on Custom Visuals

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by Goofr Regular Visitor on ‎07-05-2018 12:09 AM

Like on standard visuals it would be much apprceciated to be able to drill through to an other page from a Custom Visual.


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As of API 2.2 context menu and drill through features are supported.

With drill through report authors can create a page in their report that focuses on a specific entry. By right-clicking on a data point in other report pages they can drill through to the focuses page to get details that are filtered to that specific context.


Please check our latest blog:

Dual Y axis in Line chart

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by vemuria Frequent Visitor on ‎04-04-2017 11:58 AM


We would like to use a Line chart with dual Y-axis (like secondary Y axis we have in combo chart). 

Any ideas if the visualization already exists which I can import and reuse?

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Power KPI supports dual Y-axis now.



Make Custom Visuals More Prominent in UI/Office Store

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by cwebb22 Frequent Visitor on ‎07-14-2017 02:25 PM - last edited on ‎08-13-2018 04:28 AM by Ranin Visitor

Custom Visuals are a great idea, and awesome differentiator when compared to competing products. They bring a ton of new and experiential use cases. To increase adoption and awareness, please promote certified custom visuals in Power BI by featuring these visuals more prominently within the Power BI ecosystem (desktop, service, office store).


To do so, you might:

  • Call certified visuals out in the office store
  • Add a dedicated tab in the office store and Power BI custom visuals UI
  • Make "certified" visuals searchable (use terms such as "certified" in search box for visuals)
  • Add a "certified" badge to promote visuals that have achieved formal certification

Certified Custom Visuals.pngWhat this *might* look like

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Org chart visual

Status: Delivered
by thomaskrekling Frequent Visitor on ‎07-30-2017 11:18 PM

Would be great to have an org chart visual 

Status: Delivered

Hierarchy Chart by Akvelon implements requested functionality.

Enable slicer sync on the Timeline custom visual

Status: Delivered
by ThomasFoster Established Member ‎02-21-2018 07:36 AM - edited ‎02-21-2018 07:36 AM

The Timeline custom slicer is very useful and allows for far easier period selection than the stock timeline slicer. Yet it does not work with slicer sync. If this support can be added it would be very helpful.

Status: Delivered

The latest version of Timeline supports Sync Slicer feature now Smiley Happy

It would be great to be able to create small multiple without the need to use r.


Create lots of charts with a consisent axies is very tricky, have the abilty to wrap or grid and a facet for the small multiples just as r does would provide more flexibility and improved clarity on some chart types.


Status: Delivered

Power KPI visual - European Date format

Status: Delivered
by Mardin on ‎10-12-2017 01:24 AM

Please allow European Date Format in the Power KPI visual!


Showing 9-1-2017 as date in the KPI will only make sense to Americans. We need an option to display it as 1-9-2017.

Status: Delivered

3D Graph in visuals

Status: Delivered
by rkumar Regular Visitor on ‎09-18-2017 02:58 AM

Is there any visual or custom visual which lets us shown data in form of a 3D graph.

Example - 




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I am trying out the word cloud visual and I have some text with characters like - and : plus more that i want to show as they are indeed part of the word. However any words with these characters either has them missing or gets truncated after it. Is there a setting for this?

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Would be great to have a scrolling text visual that could display data that changes. Our sales org has a Power BI dashboard we use to display Sales KPI's, Pipeline, Bookings, etc. Our entire org looks at this frequently. Would love to have a 'Winwire' that scrolls recently won large deals to give recognition to the sellers.

Status: Delivered
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