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Dual Y axis in Line chart


We would like to use a Line chart with dual Y-axis (like secondary Y axis we have in combo chart). 

Any ideas if the visualization already exists which I can import and reuse?

Status: Delivered

Power KPI supports dual Y-axis now.




Hello @vemuria,


Thanks for your feedback.

There's no custom visual that supports dual Y-axis unfortunately.


Ignat Vilesov,

Software Engineer


Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

Status changed to: Accepted

Dual Y Axis is going to be supported in Power KPI 1.5.0.

This version will be avaialble for end-users on 06/26/2018.

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Try this


I havent worked on it for over a year and so it needs some tweaking to make it more robust but am willing to do that if required.

Status changed to: Delivered

Power KPI supports dual Y-axis now.