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Advocate II
Advocate II

map doesn't show points

A couple of weeks ago it was an ARCGIS map that mysteriously stopped working and hasn't come back, shuttering a dashboard that was getting a lot of interest around my company. Today, a basic map with colored size bubbles that works just fine in desktop isn't showing up on the web. There is a different map of a similar type right next to it that works just fine. 


I would ask the powerBI team if it is even worth offering map visuals in the core product if they are going to remain so unpredictably buggy. 

Advocate II
Advocate II

Found the solution here, city/state can't just be added to the location field anymore, have to change the data category to "place" in the modeling tab.

My problem is back. The map looks fine in Desktop, but in production there are several "places" that simply don't show up, obvious ones like Kansas City, KS and Corpus Christi, TX. Guatemala would be an example of a country that doesn't show up. 


Anybody else having issues today? I did install the July update this morning, could that have something to do with it? 


I have no idea how the locator could screw up Guatemala, while the overall visual still functions, but here we are. I have to say that given how much time and effort I have put into developing the dashboard, it is extremely disappointing that such basic issues continue to pop up in a product that is allegedly ready to be used. 

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