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qifzhou Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

is there a way we can auto sync changes from one table to another?

 Hi Team,


Is there a sync operation in Powe BI that I can sync changes between two tables?


The scenario is here : When user log on the powerbi service , there will be two tables shown for him\her. Both table query from the same data source, and one with Row Level Security, the other without any RLS.  In case, a user is from Group A, Area B, etc. In the table with RLS, he will only see data related to Group A, Area B, etc. If he want to see the whole data, it will be on another table. As far as I known, the RLS here is something like an auto-filter checking.  Actually we do not want  to make any constraint for user, what we want is, when a user log on, a much more customized dashboard is show for user, and if a user wants to dig more information, he can choose another table with whole data.


And here is the problem, if we want to maintain the two table in the long term, is there any good way so that we will not always change twice every time ? We relate two tables, and  any change in one table will sync to the other.


Thanks in advance

ankitpatira Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: is there a way we can auto sync changes from one table to another?

@qifzhou Not entirely sure why you've choosen to use two tables in fact they are same from the data source. In this case I would use same table to create one report and two dashboards out of that one report. One with tailored information for the user and other with detailed information for the user.

qifzhou Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: is there a way we can auto sync changes from one table to another?

Hi, ankitpatira, sorry and I haven't stated it clearly. In this scenario, I want to make the RLS Table to be a customized one for different users. According to users' alias, region, department, etc, Users will only see data associated with them or they are interested in. I achieve this by using a RLS table, so this RLS table is a much more associated one which can help user find out useful information quickly, and if user want to dig more information, then go to the normal table which has the whole data. That's why I use two tables here and actually they are from the same data source, but one with RLS configured, and the other without RLS configured. And before posting this problem, there is another one : And after that I decide to try with RLS. regards

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