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Timeline graph for Stream Analytics for the past one hour

I have the below query to show the Temperature of the device by timeline in stream analytics using live data


DeviceId,DeviceFields.Temperature as Temperature,System.Timestamp AS time
INTO pbioutput


The dataset is available in the power bi portal after the job started.


The problem is the data set gets accumulated in the site and .Is there a way to show the graph for the past one hour.


I tried using the filters in the portal,But there is no option for the same.


Advocate IV
Advocate IV

The only way I could find to filter the data for the last hour is to create a dashboard with the stream analytics data and then use the Q&A box at the top to create the required tables / charts.


To do this you just need to add a phrase like "time in the 60 minutes".  So the complete Q&A phrase to create a grpah for the data in the last hour would be something like "show the average of Temperature by time as line chart where time is in the last 60 minutes"

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The Q&A field is nice, but does not help to set a timeline to a dashboard. And thats mandatory. We are also using ASA and whant to show realtime data for the last 2 hours and thats not possible. Not in ASA and not in the Power BI web app. Why?

Bump, is there already a solution to this?

Currently, you should be able to use Q&A to accomplish this. Can you try the following steps:


1. Go to the dashboard in question

2. In the Q&A box, type "[value field] by [time feld] last one hour" - e.g. "temperature by time last one hour"

3. Once you're satisfied with the visual produced by Q&A, press "pin visual" in the top right

4. The visual will now be pinned to the dashboard, and will update in real-time


Longer term, we're doing work to allow Azure Stream Analytics to output to the recently released streaming datasets. Streaming tiles, which are built atop streaming datasets, have native support for displaying data over a set time window. Look out for private preview of this sometime before the end of the year.



sreeparam - for your scenario, try the following Q&A query:


"Temperature DeviceId over time last 1 hour"


This should give you a line chart with time on the x-axis, temperature on the y-axis, and Device ID as the legend.

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