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Q&A is picking up the wrong field

I have a problem with Q&A. I have a field for Countries in a number of tables, however the Q&A is picking the wrong link up when i ask a question e.g. number of grants in a country - should go to grants table and use the country value there, however its going to a completely different table where i also have a column Country.  Advice please?

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Re: Q&A is picking up the wrong field

If you are using Excel or Power BI Desktop, there is a "hide from client tools" and "hide from report view" that might work to exclude any duplicates. But, if you want those duplicates, that won't help.


They do now have the "Fields" listed in Q&A so you can just go and change which field it is pulling from. I realize that doesn't solve the real issue either.


You could use synonyms if using Excel, but, again, not a great solution.


Did you try changing your phrasing like "Show grants total by country"?


Just curious if it is a phrasing issue, O365 Power BI allows you to adjust phrasing but Power BI 2.0 does not. Just wondering if "in a country" is triggering it to look "in the country table" for example...

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