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Hundreds of dataflows for different clients (multiple questions!)

Hi all!

I am currently working on a project and am struggling with multiple issues. Could you help me?

Situation: we manage around 500 databases that contain data about ERP systems of clients. Each database/ERP system is related to one client of ours. The databases are spread over multiple on-premise SQL Servers.

Goal: to share dashboards and reports with these clients. Also, these dashboards and reports should be refreshed once or twice a day, in order for our clients to have access to up-to-date visualizations. 

Thoughts: since it is not necessary to have real-time dashboards, I consider creating a streaming dataset as out of scope. I already installed a gateway to be able to get data from our on-premise SQL Servers. 


Questions: - What is, in terms of storage and duplicating data, the difference between a dataflow and a dataset? 
                  - Since scheduled refresh is possible in both cases: if ETL is performed before importing the data into Power BI, is there still a reason to create a dataflow? Or is importing a dataset sufficient?
                  - Is it secure to have all 500 client datasets/data flows in one app workspace? Or should there be 500 workspaces to maximize security?
                  - Which Azure services are necessary/beneficial to create this? I am considering Analysis Services, Datawarehouse, Event Hubs and Stream Analytics. 
                  - Would it be better to merge all 500 databases into one data warehouse and then load all dataflows from this warehouse OR to keep all databases separate?
                  - How much of this can be automated/standardized? Because all 500 cases will go through the same process (ETL, creating dataflows, importing datasets, visualizations, sharing,...).

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